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Day -3, 2018 West Marine J/70 World Cup At Eastern Yacht Club

There were tensions on the third day of the West Marine J / 70 World Cup. Total 15 teams fell in pieces of the Black Flag at the time of three races that took place. The flatter seas and a shifting wind in the northeast direction gave another day to the all 91 teams that participated in the event to run for the J / 70 World Cup. Eight of the maximum 14 races have now been sailed, and challenges to the championship are now underway.

It was a high and low day for Peter Duncan (more used to yachting in England) racing Relative Obscurity. The defending J / 70 World Champion did the race in Race 6, scoring their first ball of the regatta, but was disqualified in Race 7 to be the OCS with Black Flag flying. In the race 8, the Duncan’s team scored a fourth position to finish the day at the top of the ranking, on Countback from Jud Smith (USA). “For the Black Flag team, it was close, but we were very visible as the first boat on the pins,” commented Victor Diaz de Leon to the fusionboats, calling the start of Relative Obscurity.

“From my side, It was immature and maybe lacking experience, I want to let my guys down because I say when to pull the trigger. Peter and the team understood me 100%, but it was a low point. We had to wait over an hour before we got into the next race and we were hungry. In the last race, we had a mediocre start and fought back and ended up having a good run. We are very glad that we are leading regatta but we have the biggest drop in the top boats. As I see it, they are the top six all levels and whoever sail the best, for now, will be the winner. ”

Jose Maria Torcida (ESP) led the regatta at the start of the day, but a 7-43-31 kills the Spanish team to third. Bruno Pasquinelli (USA) racing Stampede is fourth in fourth place only four points from the lead. Jack Franco Racing 3 Ball JT scored a ball today to move up to fifth. Brian Keane (USA) Racing Savasana falls to sixth after an 18-17-26. Congratulations also go to Gannon Troutman (USA) racing Pied Piper who won the last race of the day.