Women Sailing Convention Date Declared

The Sailing Convention for Women is the event hosted by Gail
Hine is scheduled to take place on February 2, 2019. It will take place at the Yacht Club Bahia
in Corona del Mar,
California. This will be a day-long event and only for ladies. It will be the
series of shore-and-boat-based workshops that will offer a pleasant and
welcoming atmosphere to sailing fresher’s and experts to learn more about
topics related to sailing.

“This women
will provide an opportunity to women to get vis-à-vis with
other women who are sailors and discuss various options for day sailing and
more cruising. It will also give them the opportunity to know more about the
sailing organizations for women present in their area and various instructional
programs designed for them,” said Gail Hine who is the creator and director of
this Convention. She said, “In this event, there is something good and
meaningful for every woman sailor.”

Those who will attend the convention will select the
workshops combination in areas that are going to fit the best in their ability
and interest. The instructors of this course would be the top women sailors who
will come from Southern California and from outside California also. Many
instructors are the USCG Licensed Captains as well. The workshop will comprise
of Beginners welcome aboard, about Diesels, Docking, Going Up the Mast,
Weather, Suddenly Single Handed, Sail Trim, Electronic Navigation, Basic
Navigation, Electrical Systems, How to Heave a Line, DIY Canvas Projects,
Nighttime Navigation, Spinnaker Rigging, Winch Workshop, Offshore Cruising,
sailing introduction and Life Raft Demo & Emergency Equipment.

The featured speaker of the convocation will be Melody
. She is a sailor and has the sailing experience of 40
years. She began sailing on small boats in the Midwest. Now she is in
California on the ship C&C40 Harmony.

Day -3, 2018 West Marine J/70 World Cup At Eastern Yacht Club

There were tensions on the third day of the West Marine J / 70 World Cup. Total 15 teams fell in pieces of the Black Flag at the time of three races that took place. The flatter seas and a shifting wind in the northeast direction gave another day to the all 91 teams that participated in the event to run for the J / 70 World Cup. Eight of the maximum 14 races have now been sailed, and challenges to the championship are now underway.

It was a high and low day for Peter Duncan (more used to yachting in England) racing Relative Obscurity. The defending J / 70 World Champion did the race in Race 6, scoring their first ball of the regatta, but was disqualified in Race 7 to be the OCS with Black Flag flying. In the race 8, the Duncan’s team scored a fourth position to finish the day at the top of the ranking, on Countback from Jud Smith (USA). “For the Black Flag team, it was close, but we were very visible as the first boat on the pins,” commented Victor Diaz de Leon to the fusionboats, calling the start of Relative Obscurity.

“From my side, It was immature and maybe lacking experience, I want to let my guys down because I say when to pull the trigger. Peter and the team understood me 100%, but it was a low point. We had to wait over an hour before we got into the next race and we were hungry. In the last race, we had a mediocre start and fought back and ended up having a good run. We are very glad that we are leading regatta but we have the biggest drop in the top boats. As I see it, they are the top six all levels and whoever sail the best, for now, will be the winner. ”

Jose Maria Torcida (ESP) led the regatta at the start of the day, but a 7-43-31 kills the Spanish team to third. Bruno Pasquinelli (USA) racing Stampede is fourth in fourth place only four points from the lead. Jack Franco Racing 3 Ball JT scored a ball today to move up to fifth. Brian Keane (USA) Racing Savasana falls to sixth after an 18-17-26. Congratulations also go to Gannon Troutman (USA) racing Pied Piper who won the last race of the day.

2018 Blind Match Racing World Championship

The Blind Match Racing Championship was organized for the first time by the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club in the UK. The winner of the championship was Sharon Grennan from Britain who is totally blind. She was accompanied by her crew members Lucy Hodges and Liam Cattermole who are visually impaired. Sharon’s GBR1 team was not defeated in any of the 13 races. The event was attended by HRH the Princess Royal who was a part of the semi final event to watch the race and interacted with race officials, competitors, sponsors and event organizers.

Sharon said it was her first medal in gold segment and it’s a great feeling. She, along with her team had an excellent time racing against different teams from the USA, Canada and Australia. The entire team put in hard efforts to prepare for the world championship, including a training camp in Zadar. They worked more on communication and teamwork on the boat and the roles were divided. The team also underwent training on how to sail in distinct weather conditions which made them perform so brilliantly. It was undoubtedly the best feeling for the winner besides the team got a chance to meet sailors across the world. Sharon said that she was highly competitive on the water and off the water; she got to learn a lot from others.

Laura Cammidge won the silver medal and said it had been a great week of racing. The team learned to sail in variable weather. Although they didn’t get the outcome they aimed for, they did push themselves as hard as they could. The team was indeed happy with the silver medal and sailing the entire week was a great experience by itself. Walter T Rainer won Bronze in the Petit Final. Walter said it was a good trip to Scotland with a Bronze medal. It was a team effort which made these winners achieve medals.

Better Understanding of the History of Yachting Now

The history of yachts is always there. The fleets participating in the 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2002 races consisted of Clipper 60 yachts (60 feet long about 18 meters long) and from 2005 a new Clipper 68 yacht was introduced, built in China. The Clipper 68 was retired after the 2011-2012 races. In 2013, the Clipper 70 yachts entered the competition, designed by Tony Castro Naval Architects. The 12 Clipper 70 yachts were built by Mazarin Yachts in Qingdao, China, for the 2013-2014 races. The yachts have a length of 23 meters.

The First Race

The first race since 1996 began in Plymouth, UK, and continued with the ports of Fort Lauderdale, Madeira, Galapagos, Panama, Yokohama, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seychelles, Singapore, Cape Town, Durban, the Azoresand Salvador. The Ariel yacht, headed by Ras Turner, was ranked first.

  • In 1998, the competition was won by the yacht of the same name, led by Alex Thompson, the youngest commander who won a race around the world at just 24 years.
  • The 2000 race started in Portsmouth, and the stopover in the Azores was replaced by New York, and to offset the extra distance from the Seychelles to Durban and Cape Town, Mauritius, Cape Town was introduced. The race should have included the Yokohama and Shanghai ports, but a storm at the East of the Gulf of Tokyo in March 2001 caused damage to several boats. Because the time required for repairs exceeded the validity of China’s visas, the race took place from Yokohama to Naha, the capital of the Japanese island of Okinawa. After several changes on the route, the Bristol yacht, led by Bob Beggs, came out victorious. You can make your visit to for having the best options now.

The latest Option Now

The 2002 edition was the fourth and final circumnavigation for the Clipper 60 fleet. The starting point was enthused to Liverpool, where forty thousand spectators arrived to admire the craft despite a twenty four hours delay because of storms in Irish Sea. As in 2000, the attempt to reach Shanghai failed, this time due to the withdrawal of mooring agreements.

  • Moreover, along the way, competitors were threatened by the SARS virus and yachts were forced to find another port near Singapore. The Indonesian island of Batam was the solution for the moment, and the incident determined the state of Singapore to participate with a yacht in the next competition. Jersey Jersey, led by JohnathanBrockhouse, Ed Green and Simon Rowel was the winner of the competition.
  • In 2005, several international yachts sponsored by Victoria, Canada, Qingdao, Durban, New York, Singapore and Western Australia have entered the competition. The 2005 race was the first circumnavigation from East to West. For the 1st time, a segment crossed the Antarctic Ocean between the Durban (South Africa) and Freemantle (Australia) and another via the North Pacific, in between Victoria (Canada) and Qingdao.

The navigation program was affected after Glasgow Clipper reported problems in the South China Sea and deviated from the Gulf of Subic in the Philippines. And the rest of the fleet followed the same course, which led to a six-week interruption. The revised program ruled out stopping in Yokohama and moved off the Caribbean from Curaçao to Jamaica.