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Warrior of RiverClan
A Tom by Whitepelt out of IvystripeBorn Silverkit in the Moon of Leopard's Rest (2007)
Living at the age of 21 Moons (1 year & 7 months)
Short Description :
A lithe silver bi-color tom with amber eyes
Long Description :
Amberstorm is a sleek, glossy-furred tom with dark amber eyes and a lithe build. He has silver-gray bicolor fur- a white underbelly, silver-gray blaze, silver-gray spots on his back, silver-gray ears, silver-gray chin, and a long, skinny silver-gray tail. He has short fur, a dark gray nose, and long whiskers.
Amberstorm's curiosity lands him in trouble more times than he can count. He is loyal to his clan, but he often lands himself in trouble due to his compulsive actions. He is known to leap into trouble headlong without thinking first.
Key Dates  
  • Named a Warrior as Amberstorm
Full History :
In the Moon of Leopard's Rest of 2007, a beautiful silver mackerel tabby she-cat named Ivystripe gave birth to two healthy kits. She dubbed the tom, a little silver-and-white scrap of fur, Silverkit, for his fur. Ivystripe refused to disclose the kits' father's name.

Six moons later, Silverkit was apprenticed as Amberpaw, for his huge amber eyes. He was excited to train, and stuck together with his sister, for the siblings naturally worked together with ease. But then the two started drifting apart- his sister had drifted towards some other apprentices, who were good at fighting, like herself. Amberpaw, the more hunting-inclined of the two, yearned for the friendship between the two to rekindle-he wanted his sister back.

The two remained distant as they trained. As warriors, Amberstorm and his littermate served Riverclan, and continue to do so. However, during the harsh winter a couple moons later, his sister fell ill with a slight cough, but nothing too serious. Around the same time, another warrior, Whitepelt, fell ill of greencough and died. Unknown to Amberstorm, this was his father. Amberstorm worries that his sister will soon get greencough, but he still serves his Clan and makes sure his sister is fed before him.

Despite his and his clan's best efforts, Amberstorm's sole littermate eventually succumbed to illness and thus passed into StarClan.
Sire :
Whitepelt (A long-furred, muscular white tom with green eyes)
Dame :
Ivystripe (A short-haired brown tabby bicolor she-cat with a lithe build and amber eyes)
Full Siblings :
Unnamed sister, deceased
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