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A She-cat by Caligula out of DrusillaBorn into the Cabal and dubbed Andromeda in the Moon of Long Nights (2008)
Living at the age of 7 Moons (6 months)
Short Description :
A mink tabby bicolor she-kit with medium length fur & aqua eyes
Long Description :
Andromeda is a seal mink tabby she-cat with aqua eyes. She is of average proportions, with soft, fluffy kitten fur that stands straight up from her body. White travels up her chest, and both of her front paws are white. Her body has grown from tiny and delicate to a medium-large build that, with training, could prove quite powerful. Her facial features are strong.
Even as a newborn kit, Andromeda was fussy, needing occasional coaxing to nurse and emitting disgruntled mews whenever she was nudged. Now, as a nearly full-grown six-moon-old, Andromeda's personality is firmly entrenched into a strong-willed and self-assured cat who is convinced that the world revolves around her.

Headstrong and radiating self-confidence, the young Caesar-daughter knows what she wants, when she wants it, and, furthermore, feels entitled to anything and everything she desires. If any-cat were to accuse her of being over-indulged, Andromeda would be astonished; the possibility has never yet entered her head. While not devious, per se, this is a cat who is both opportunistic and clever, enough so that she knows whom to butter up with the express purpose of getting what she wants.

An active imagination and an intense curiosity about the world around her, combined with a disregard for others' feelings, makes for a penchant for getting into trouble.
Key Dates  
Full History :
[Birth to roughly 1 week old]

Andromeda was born during the Moon of Long Nights (2008) in the confines of the nursing den in Caligula's Camp. Her first senses were of the air against her damp fur and then her mother's warmth as she was cleaned and pressed up against her. Being told where to go did not suit her, so with a sharp cry, she wiggled and flailed her way awkwardly in a direction based purely on instinct until she found the source of life she instinctively wanted. For about a week Andromeda fussed and slept and ate fitfully by turns at the side of her mother. During this brief period of her life, the she-kit was enveloped in the sense of being in a warm confining space and knew nothing of the destiny laid out for her.

Ever since she could remember, Andromeda has believed that she will grow into a position of leadership like her father, Caesar Caligula. For now, though, she is just thirsty for a friend to follow her lead on the daring adventures she's orchestrated in her inventive brain.
Sire :
Caligula (A large, muscular silver tabby tom with one dark blue eye and one pale blue eye)
Dame :
Drusilla (A tall, tailless sable she-cat with one yellow eye, one green eye, and white toes)
Other Family :
Paternal Grandparents:
  • Sebastien III (A frost silver mackerel tabby bicolor Maine Coon tom)
  • Syra (A blue-eyed silver flame point bicolor she-cat)

Maternal Grandparents:

  • Moosegaze (A seal mink tom with green eyes and a long tail)
  • Owlscar (A tailless gray bicolor she-cat with yellow eyes and a scar)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Andromeda Caligula Sebastien III (A frost silver mackerel tabby bicolor Maine Coon tom)
Syra (A blue-eyed silver flame point bicolor she-cat)
Drusilla Moosegaze (A seal mink tom with green eyes and a long tail)
Owlscar (A tailless gray bicolor she-cat with yellow eyes and a scar)
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