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Lord of the Cats of Camelot
A Tom by Mufasa out of LilithBorn and dubbed Aslan in the Moon of Lion's Glory (2006)
Living at the age of 38 Moons (2 years & 11 months)
Short Description :
A Savannah cat with the look of a wild serval more so than that of a domestic cat
Long Description :
Twenty inches tall at the shoulder and thirty inches long from chest to rump, Aslan is of significant size. His Serval father had plenty of influence on his appearance.

Hooded bright green eyes with gold rings in the center of the iris, boomerang shaped on the top and almond shaped on the bottom, bordered by 'cheetah tear' markings. His nose is large and puffy, with a thick, mildly tapering bridge like his father.

He sports golden fur with bold, jet black spotting. Three stripes, one in the center and one on the left and right sides, start at his head and slide down his back to dissolve and join the pattern of spots. These markings continue onto his legs, two black bands on each, accompanied by smaller spots and slightly darker fur on his paws. His neck is long and elegant, his head longer than it is wide, with a black hand-woven collar between them. His ears are tall, deeply cupped, wide, rounded, and erect, with white ocelli on the back surrounded by black, typical of his kind. His body his long and leggy, legs themselves powerfully muscled, giving him the illusion of greater size than he is. His tail, thick and noticeably longer than the Savannah norm, is patterned with black bands ending in a black tip. His fur is short and silky looking, but tough and thick enough for some protection, very pale gold colour on his underbelly, the back of his legs, up the bottom of his neck and around his jaws.
Aslan is something of an oddity for a domestic cat, and could perhaps be best described as lion-like. Natural curiosity drives him to explore all that he surveys. A sense of nobility and pride drives him to defend his territory and those he sees as under his protection. He fights at his most courageous and with the greatest ferocity in matters of defense, though such things are tempered by a shrewd caution that permeates his every decision, helping to prevent him from doing something overly foolish.

Despite his inborn fighting instincts, he otherwise believes himself to be of the thoughtful sort, always trying to plan ahead and think things through before he does them. His open mind is inquisitive, staying up some nights staring into the sky, wondering what more there is beyond the horizon and what mysteries the stars might hold. He holds a burning ambition fueled by a lust for knowledge, painfully unfulfilled by his status as a domestic cat. He tries to hide it, but he has a mix of envy and respect for the forest cats, getting trained as warriors and as a part of a greater whole, hunting and fighting for themselves as his ancestors must surely had done and his instincts demanded of him regardless of his upbringing.

He hunts when he can, coming and going as he wills, wandering around Whitehart. But he always returns home to his owner, eyes bright with new experiences. Lion-like he may be, but he is not a tame lion.
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Full History :
Aslan von Monte was born far from Whitehart in a lonely house located among what passes for mountains in Minnesota, known as the Von Monte Cattery. His father was a tall, powerful Serval and his mother a Savannah like himself. He was raised first by housefolk, but once he was strong enough he was given back to his mother. He grew up in an large enclosure with wooden walls tall enough to prevent even his father from leaping over. He always admired his father, large and strong and fast, able even to catch birds in flight.

While his other siblings and half-siblings were quite content with staying inside and enjoying the benefits of being given away to other housefolk, Aslan was often at his father's side, learning how to run, jump and hunt like a Serval, as best as a little kit could. But too soon came the time for him to be given away, taken by the mother of his housefolk. He was too young to really understand what was going on, and when he got to his new home in Whitehart, bordering the forest and an abandoned house, he was very quiet, sticking to 'his corner' of the house. He warned up to his new owner over time, but his main consolation was the back yard. Larger than the house, with a spread of low-branched trees and herbs tended to by his housefolk. Once he was old enough, he could even hope up onto the short wooden walls to peer off into the forest, longing to explore but held back by a strange sense or forbidding.

In the meantime, his housefolk had noticed his love of the outdoors and would often talk to him while she tended to and planted her various herbs, telling him about their names and what they were used for, talking about plants and trees and animals that she didn't have even in her garden. She even installed a catflap so he could enter and leave as he pleased. As he grew older, he started leaving for hours at a time, but he always came back home.

At nine months old, he had grown to resemble a long but otherwise ordinarily sized domestic cat. He had only grown more curious with age, and had eventually decided to go wandering into the forest. It wasn't long before he ran into a group of cats he had never seen before. He didn't even have a chance to speak before a ferocious-looking ruddy-fawn she-cat charged towards him. Aslan ran. He was fast on his long legs, but he stumbled swerving around a tree and the she-cat caught him. They scrambled in the dirt, Aslan lashing ineffectually as he was clawed. Eventually they rolled into a tree and gave Aslan the chance to escape over the fence. He wasn't scratched too badly, and his housefolk fixed him up and kept him inside for a few weeks to make sure he didn't get into trouble again. Aslan never forgot the she-cat's face.

At thirteen months, Aslan was huge. Tall and powerful, his urge to fight had been fanned by his brief confrontation with the forest cat. He defended his garden and his neighbors fiercely, keeping squirrels and birds away from his housefolk's herb garden and predators away from cats, quite a few times fighting an aggressive stray cat or the occasional small dog that found it's way across his path or into the garden.

Through this cycle Aslan learned to fight, feral but experienced, a ferocious style of attack inspired by the lions and tigers he observed in pictures and on television. At twenty nine months he had mostly finished growing, muscle filling in his lean shape. He was a notable sight, though not inclined to chat with other domestics, sometimes trying to start a conversation with the forest cats as he had growing up when they were on patrol. He met with success only rarely, and absolutely never crossed the border. He did learn that the cat who scratched him was called Hopestorm, and stared with hints of curiosity and thoughts of revenge, which steadily grew into a sort of respect as he grew older, whenever she was part of a patrol he spotted from his perch on the fence.

One day after Aslan had come home from exploring, he found his neighbor, a cat named Rouge, dead in the abandoned yard next to his. He had the scent of two other cats on his pelt and their fur between his claws. Aslan deigned to memorize the scents, in case he ever met Rouge's killers. He also claimed Rouge's former home as a part of his garden.

In November 2008, Aslan learned of the Cats of Camelot and was squired under King Pendragon I. In February 2009, he became a lord and gained Fief Von Monte, which consisted of his home and the two directly across from it. In November 2009, he saw Caligula and Mintaka, but did not meet them properly. On the 1st of May 2009, Aslan became betrothed to Princess Kelia.
Sire :
Mufasa (No Sdesc on File)
Dame :
Lilith (No Sdesc on File)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Aslan Mufasa Unspecified Tom
Unspecified Queen
Lilith Unspecified Tom
Unspecified Queen
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Pendragon (A chocolate classic tabby tom wearing a blue and gold collar)
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Player's Notes
General :
Father was a Serval, his mother a Savannah, half Egyptian Mau and half Serval.

(Note from the Admin: This renders him 75% Serval and 25% Egyptian Mau, and registrable as a Savannah. Though not considered by the registry to be purebred Savannah, but rather breeding stock. That is to say, he is not eligible for show competition.)

Aslan lives at 202 First Avenue.
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