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Deputy of ShadowClan
A She-cat by Adderstrike out of StoneheartBorn Aspenkit in the Moon of First Green (2007)
Living at the age of 29 Moons (2 years & 3 months)
Short Description :
A blue mackerel torbie she-cat with gray eyes
Long Description :
Aspenbright's fur is a thick blueish gray base, spattered with a layer of paler gray above it. There is a small patch of paler gray fur under her chin, and her eyes match her pelt, a stormy gray that proves darker than most of her body. Her coat is short and she is of a medium build.
Even from a young age, Aspenbright has proved to be a vain, fussy individual who tries to keep the attention on herself as much as possible. Deeming herself overly cautious (though she was more adventurous when she was younger, even a few moons ago, but the heron that plagued ShadowClan's marshes terrified her deep down to her core), Aspenbright would prefer to stay out of the messier affairs of Clan life as much as she can -- though she realizes, of course, that such things are commonplace everyday life in the society she resides in -- but she certainly wouldn't be the first cat volunteering for a patrol to stalk out a predator or opposing force unless absolutely forced to. Aspenbright takes pride in her appearance, and tries to make sure she is as neatly groomed as possible, for who knows who could be looking at her out of the corners of the camp whilst she remains unaware? The she-cat has a soft spot for kits, and though she is well aware of the risks of motherhood, she still wishes to become one all the same.
Key Dates  
Full History :
Found with her three siblings on the night of the medicine cats' meeting in the moon of First Green (2007), the little she-kit known as Aspenkit knew only that she was cold, hungry and uncomfortable. By the end of that night, she would be bound for ShadowClan. The whole time, she remained blissfully unaware of her shocking beginnings of life, including before the four kits had been found by the medicine cats.

She was cared for by her foster parents, Sootypelt and Bayshine. The earliest surprise in her life came from when she met her new foster siblings, Dapplekit and Brushkit, born when she was about a moon old in the Moon of Running Prey (2007).

Apprenticed to the tom Oakclaw in the Moon of Cheetah's Flight (2007), she learned effectively from him, and she was made a warrior in the Moon of First Fishing (2008), alongside her siblings, Bearshine and Skydapple. Her life afterwards has been nothing short of uneventful, barring the terror of the heron attacking her fellow warriors and the blizzard that swept through the marshes, and she looks forward to the day that she can mentor an apprentice of her own or perhaps even find a tom that she deems worthy of siring her kits.

Much to her complete and utter surprise, Aspenbright was pronounced deputy on the 29th day of the Moon of First Fishing (2009) after Lilywhisker stepped down due to her injuries.
Sire :
Adderstrike (A solid brown tabby tom with hazel eyes and a scarred pelt)
Dame :
Stoneheart (A tan tabby she-cat with small legs, amber eyes, and white whiskers)
Full Siblings :
Alderleaf (A brown mackerel torbie she-cat with pale yellow eyes)
Rowanbough (A black tom with rusty highlights and sky-blue eyes)
Walnutfall (A blue classic tabby tom with large yellow eyes)
Other Family :
Foster Mother: Sootypelt (A skinny, attention seeking brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes)
Foster Father: Bayshine (A large ginger bi-color tom with a fluffy tail and flirty disposition)
Foster Siblings: Skydapple (A tortoiseshell tabby van she-cat with amber eyes), Bearshine (A dark brown tabby tom with white legs and pale amber eyes)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Aspenbright Adderstrike Owlscreech (A dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes)
Yellowrose (A cream she-cat with faint tabby markings and green eyes)
Stoneheart Darkheart (A black tom with white toes and amber eyes)
Snowdance (A white she-cat with light blue eyes)
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Mentor :
Oakclaw (A brown tabby bi-color tom with a dark tail and amber eyes)
Mentor of :
Others :
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