Cedarpaw (Owlfeather)

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A Player Character belonging to Fae~o~the~Wind


Medicine Cat Apprentice of WindClan
A Tom by Dusktalon out of OwlfeatherBorn Cedarkit in the Moon of Lion's Glory (2008)
Living at the age of 12 Moons (11 months)
Short Description :
A red bicolor tom with mid-length fur and aqua eyes
Long Description :
Soft, mid-length ginger and white fur coats his sleek body. A small white oval on his underbelly and white toes on all his paws can be distinctly seen. His eyes are a sharp, clear aqua that may bring to mind a pool reflecting a brilliant and cloudless sky. His little nose is the color of ripe peach skin, and the whiskers from either side of his muzzle are a translucent white. His body has lengthened and slimmed out to take after the long-limbed build of his mother, Owlfeather. His face is broad and round, more like the face of his father, Dusktalon.
Cedarpaw is a cheerful tom with a bright, inquisitive mind. Optimistic and sociable, he will go out of his way to talk with others, even strangers at a Gathering. He is rather open with his emotions. While he is eager to chatter and question the ears off any-cat who will heed him, he can also be an attentive and compassionate listener.
Easygoing and peaceable, Cedarpaw shies from hostility, as he likes to be on good terms with all. If faced with aggression, an apprehensive Cedarpaw will back down. His loquacious tongue becomes stilled when he is around more domineering personalities. Case in point is Heronflight, the RC Medicine Cat. He is intimidated by her coldness, even as he respects her solely for her rank.
Because he easily empathizes with others, he often takes on the troubles of others—no matter what Clan they are from. Thus if Cedarpaw sees some-cat feeling blue, he instinctively wants to help them feel better, and if he doesn't succeed, he ends up feeling down, too.
His self-esteem has risen a bit since he became WindClan's Medicine Cat Apprentice, but he is still very much dependent upon his mentor Brightsky. He looks to her for approval, and still hasn't too much confidence in his own abilities.
Key Dates  
Full History :
Cedarkit was born after his sister, Willowkit, on the 25th day of the Moon of Lion's Glory, in green-leaf's prime. The two siblings are Dusktalon's and Owlfeather's first litter. Cedarkit was so named because his red fur reminded the new parents of the wood of the cedar tree, while his sister was named after Owlfeather's much beloved mother.

His earliest memories of warmth, security, and love were intruded by the malevolent presence of the Badger, during the Time of the Hunters. His youth prevented from fully grasping the severity of the situation, though he remembers clearly the death of Blackstar. When WindClan finally drove out the threat of the badger (his father included in that hunt), Cedarkit felt as proud of his Clan and kin almost as if he himself had personally assisted.

Too soon, however, there came another challenge: the bitter bare-leaf and blizzard of (2008-09), which made a deeper impression upon Cedarkit. The young WindClanner was present for the deaths of Fadedwing, and Doveleap, his father's former apprentice; both warriors suffocated when the warrior den collapsed under the weight of snow. Lean hunting and sickness too took their toll. Cedarkit was particularly distressed when both his sister and his mother succumbed to the Cough, but thankfully they pulled through.

Much to his astonishment, he became Cedarpaw the medicine cat apprentice in the Moon of Tiger's Wrath (2008). Initially, he was very unsure of himself as well as guilty that he'd been apprenticed before Willowkit, but with the help of his mentor Brightsky and StarClanner Medicine Cats of before, he is reassured and confident that this path is the right one for him. Now Cedarpaw is fully occupied in learning medicine lore to aid his clan to the best of his ability, a task he undertakes with his innate willingness and optimism.
Sire :
Dusktalon (A solidly muscled dark gray tom with white toes and blue eyes)
Dame :
Owlfeather (A brown tortie she-cat with yellow eyes and white feet)
Full Siblings :
Willowpaw (A midfurred pale gray van she-kit with amber eyes)
Stillborn she-kit (A gray bicolor she-kit)
Other Family :
Paternal Aunt: Frozensky
Paternal Grandsire: Yarrowtail (deaceased)
Paternal Grand-dame: Smokeflower (deceased)
Maternal Grandsire: Foxwhisker (deceased)
Maternal Grand-dame: Willowwhisper (deceased)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Cedarpaw Dusktalon Yarrowtail (A large black bicolor tom with blue eyes)
Smokeflower (A sleek dark gray she-cat with green eyes)
Owlfeather Foxwhisker (An amber-eyed tom with red fur and a patch of white on his muzzle)
Willowwhisper (A shaggy, pale gray she-cat with green eyes, white paws and a scarred leg.)
Detailed Genealogical Tree
2 Stillborn Toms
Stillborn She-kit
Stillborn She-kit
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Mentor :
Brightsky (A golden-eyed longhaired brown marbled tabby she-cat with large paws, tail and ears)
Mentor of :
Others :
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Name Notes :
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Reserved Name: Cedarsprig
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Cedarpaw (Owlfeather) is a Male cat with Mid-length Red Bicolor fur.
He is of Medium-large size and Common build. He has Aqua eyes and a Normal tail. He is of non-purebred decent.
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