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Warrior of RiverClan
A She-cat by Longleg out of SplotchskyBorn Charredkit in the Moon of First Green (2007)
Living at the age of 29 Moons (2 years & 3 months)
Short Description :
A tortoiseshell and white she-cat with orange eyes
Long Description :
Named for her short, dense, tortoiseshell pelt and for her white chest fur; shaped and sized roughly like an aspen leaf; Charredleaf's build lends her strength. She is not as blessed with swiftness, as her tail and legs are thick, short, and sturdy, and her paws large. Rippling patches of black and orange blend together and resemble soot among dying flames. Her face is wide and round, with a short black nose and glinting orange eyes. The right half of her face is black, while the left side is ginger. Her front two paws wear white "stockings". Behind her ribcage, the fur—a mix of black starred with thousands of tiny pinpricks of orange—is darker than the rest of her pelt. She has two furless scars: the smaller, older one is on her right foreleg, while there is a conspicuous bald patch on one shoulder.
When Charredleaf was a fairly new warrior, she worked hard to make up for her lack of knowledge and to prove her passion and loyalty to RiverClan. Though she is now well into warriorhood, her drive has not diminished; she now pushes herself to use her experience to best aid her clan. She is very self-confident in her abilities, and considers herself as brave and valiant as any other cat. She can seem brazen and disrespectful, as she has no qualms about stating her opinions and is perhaps too fearless for her own good. Stubborn and persistent, once she gets an idea in her head, she never lets it go. The warrior also has a tendency to see everything in black-and-white. She likes to have fun, and is usually quite cheerful and merry-making when there is time to relax, but as soon as her Clan duties call her, the warrior cat is all business. Uncomfortable in confined spaces (with the exception of sleeping in the warrior's chamber), she has trouble staying in one place for long, and is most content when outside, under the open sky and being active in her warrior duties. Charredleaf loathes to acknowledge that she is wrong and her pride is easily injured. She wants to be the best for her Clan, and often becomes frustrated at her multiple failures. But, more often than not, she'll attack the problem with undeterred determination. Her mother, Splotchsky, would always tell her that although Charredleaf's faithfulness and courage are her best traits, her cocksureness and her rashness bring her down and will only cause her trouble. As Splotchsky constantly reminded her daughter, Charredleaf needs to work on her patience and caution. Charredleaf is frank and honest in her words. She believes respect and trust must be earned, and once she feels that a cat has earned such, she is a steadfast and loyal friend. However, if she feels that a cat has made him/herself her enemy, Charredleaf will then hold a long and malevolent grudge.
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Full History :
On the 25th day of the Moon of First Green, Splotchsky bore a litter of three kits. Although the sire, Longleg, showed little interest, Splotchsky gave all her heart to her children. The smallest kit died within the first few hours of his short life, but the older, larger kits arrived strong and healthy. The firstborn was a green-eyed tom-kit with a bold red-and-white bicolour pelt, named Crimsonkit. The second kit was a stocky tortoiseshell she-kit with orange eyes, called Charredkit. Of the two kits, Crimsonkit developed a thoughtful, patient, and reserved nature, much like his mother, while Charredkit became troublesome and fearless.

When the kits were nearly three moons old, their father succumbed to killingcough. Neither of the kits were much affected by their father's death, as they hadn't known him well. But Splotchsky, saddened by her mate's death despite the troubles their relationship had had, mourned him. She moved on, however, devoting much gentle care, time, and calm wisdom to her two kits, and was pleased to see how close the littermates grew. Charredleaf looked up to her older brother; though frustrated when he refused to share her 'adventures', she loved to play and tussle with him every day. Despite their obvious differences, the two littermates shared almost everything together- their time, their secrets, their play, and their love. Crimsonkit also felt a protective responsibility over his younger sister; as soon as the kits could walk and talk, he took to watching over her. There were many incidents when Charredkit would be on the brink of deep trouble, and Crimsonkit would stop her just in time from escaping the nursery, or meandering onto the Rockpath, or snagging from the prey-pile for a new play-toy, or countless of other foolish antics.

But one day, Crimsonkit couldn't save her. In the Moon of Lion's Glory, Charredkit managed to slip from the nursery out of camp. As she chased an elusive butterfly, imagining that it was a hawk endangering RiverClan, Charredkit wandered out to the Upper West bank of the river separating RiverClan and ThunderClan territory. She spied a ripple on the surface of the river and, assuming it was a fish she would catch and bring back to RiverClan and thus prove her bravery and skill, she sprang immediately to the water's edge. Her large, clumsy paws slid in the wet mud, and she tumbled into the river. She was carried downstream and would have drowned if a ThunderClan border patrol hadn't seen her limp body from the Sunningrocks and jumped in to rescue her'. Bedraggled and soaked, she was carried back to RiverClan camp in shame. With her strength depleted, the kit was sickly and weak after her near-drowning experience. As she was unfit to become an apprentice, her apprenticeship was delayed for another moon, despite her feeble pleas.

In the Moon of Turning Leaves, Charredkit watched wistfully as her brother became Crimsonpaw and was apprenticed a moon before her. This sting in her pride taught her a valuable lesson more than anything else could, and once she was apprenticed in the Moon of First White, Charredpaw worked doubly hard to earn back her Clan's trust. She devoted herself entirely to redeeming herself, and never complained as she would have before when she was stuck with the most unpleasant of apprentice duties concerning mouse bile and soiled bedding. She relentlessly pushed herself to do better, to work harder, and soon the apprentice found herself gaining a place among her Clan mates, and excelling at battle moves, though she was more talented in strength than agility or stealth. As a result of her dedication, she was able to become a full fledged warrior alongside her brother at twelve moons old, in the moon of First Fishing. Crimsonpaw became Crimsonback, and Charredpaw became Charredleaf.

Charredleaf matured at a rapid rate after being rescued from drowning by the ThunderClan patrol, and although she is still very reckless and impulsive, she has gained from her ordeal not only an intensity of determination and resolve, but also she has tried her utmost to stop and think before she acts with rash haste, as is her first instinct.

Shortly after her children became warriors, Splotchsky went out on a border patrol with her clanmates. As they made their rounds across the rockpath, the cats' scent alerted a dog, whose Twoleg had been staying at the campsite. Splotchsky broke off from the patrol and ran southwest, across the small Thunderpath, and the dog gave chase, just as she knew it would. In the calico's desperate flight to lead it away from RiverClan territory, she was hit by a Monster. The remainder of the patrol managed to drive the dog away back from where it came. By the time they returned to Splotchsky's body, where she lay on the side of the Thunderpath, she had passed into StarClan. Charredleaf and Crimsonback were devastated when they saw the border patrol bearing the body home. As Charredleaf crouched down beside her brother in vigil, she vowed silently to uphold Splotchsky's memory: to live by what her mother taught her, to be the best warrior she could be for her clan.

In the Moon of Long Sun ('08), an adder bit Charredleaf while she was hunting with Duckfeather. The wound, though it healed, left a scar on her right foreleg. The next scar she would earn was much larger, a conspicuous bald shoulder patch left from her fight with the trespassing Caligula.
Sire :
Longleg (A tall black bi-color tom with green eyes)
Dame :
Splotchsky (A stocky calico she-cat with orange eyes and distinct color patches)
Full Siblings :
Crimsonback (A red bi-color tom with one white paw and green eyes)
Paternal Siblings :
Spidertail (A black tom with a white sock and large yellow eyes)
Other Family :
(Living only)

Second Cousins:
Heronflight RC MC

Adoptive Second Cousin: Walnutfall
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Charredleaf is a Female cat with Short Tortie Bicolor fur.
She is of Medium size and Semi-cobby build. She has Orange eyes and a Normal tail. She is of non-purebred decent.
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