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Leader of RiverClan
A Tom by Ripplepelt out of CloudweedBorn Blackkit in the Moon of Melting Waters (2006)
Living at the age of 43 Moons (3 years & 4 months)
Short Description :
A seal point and white tom with a lanky build and blue eyes
Long Description :
Cinderback has a tall, lanky build with legs, and a medium length tail, thick with fur. His entire frame is taunt with muscle, although it is most prominent around his shoulders and limbs. Although he might be built for running, he lacks the stamina for long timed sprints associated when hunting land game and therefore prefers to fish. His main coloration is that of a seal point; his shoulders, back, and hind flanks are dark, near black that darken considerably from his chest. His chest is white, which continues towards his chin until it reaches his face, which is colored by a dark mask.
Cinderback, no matter the circumstances, is a tom of his word. He is, after all, chooses and follows the core beliefs of the beliefs of his clan and Warrior code to his utmost ability. Any cat, he believes, should never give their word without knowing they can follow through on it and a promise is much more than just a sentence, it is a pact. His word, once given, will not be broken unless circumstances make it impossible for him to carry it through. Only when the situation seems bleak does he hesitate to give his word, since he is morally bound by it. He does, however, on occasion command that same sort of behavior from others. If someone is inconsistent with their promises, he will rarely let himself trust them again and will not respect them. He may flirt, throw a bit of banter on the side, and act flippantly, but the very moment he gives his word, he is very serious.

Intuition is one of Cinderback’s traits. He may not have been the most intelligent kit or apprentice growing up, but he’s learned to look at situations from every angle, particularly with the help of his father. He is not above acting purely on a gut decision and while he would feel more comfortable having fact to back him up, he puts a great deal of trust into his own instincts and they have yet to steer him too terribly wrong. Even though he trained as a warrior, he has a high regard for life. He loves to make himself useful, and is always willing to lend a helping paw to those in his clan. In fact, he would be much more willing to put himself in harm’s way for someone than he would be to kill another cat save for the most necessary of circumstances.

Cinderback is opinionated, but he is also of the mindset that everyone should be allowed to their own beliefs even if they do not always coincide with his own. It is partially because he spent so much of his kithood having to understand his father’s mindset and accepting his fate. Does he always agree with the decisions of those around him? Not always. In fact, he’ll probably vocalize his disagreement very directly, but he refuses to badger someone into doing what he wants them to for too long. Instead, he’s much more likely to try to be persuasive, then get angry. Responsibility also means a lot to him. If it's his fault, it's his fault. He’ll take ownership for his mistakes.

Cinderback’s mindset is usually stubborn, meaning that he’ll be hard pressed to change any sort of decision or thought he has of something. Yet he is easy to please, and enjoys spending time with his friends, who he is very protective over. Dreamers are his favorite kind of cats, and the ones who actually go out and do what they love, he admires them beyond all else. In his future, he’s always thought about having a family. He loves being around kits, where he can tell them stories and try to appear inspiring and appeal to the younger generation – just like his father always did for him.
Key Dates  
  • Acknowledged as a Senior Warrior
  • Deputized
  • Became Leader as Cinderstar
Full History :
Both of his parents, Cloudweed, his dame, and Ripplepelt, his sire were friends in Riverclan. They had a bond, that much was certain, although neither seemed serious when it came to becoming mates. At first, Cloudweed did not approve of having kits, especially with Ripplepelt, who was much older than she was. She felt it was her duty, however, to provide Riverclan with fresh kits, so they got together in their friendship and created the kit that would be known as Cinderback.

Cinderback, previously Blackit, was born on a chilly night in the Moon of Melting Waters along with a single stillborn kit, who was never named. He grew into a curious kit, exploring the nursery with his denmates Wetkit and a moon later, Spiderkit. He was an adventurer, or so he always assumed himself to be. He'd take it upon himself to wander away whenever his mother's back was turned. If he had siblings when he was growing up, his mother would have had a hard time keeping track of him - but since he was an only kit, his mother kept a wary eye on everything her son did. This continued, under her supervision until he was apprenticed. He was often visited by his sire, who share with him hunting stories and tales of Starclan whenever he had a break from warrior duties. He was an older tom, but he was youthful and upbeat and especially eager to encourage his young son to greatness.

In the final moon of his kithood, his mother had become increasingly lethargic. She could barely do her duties, and it was suspected that she had caught greencough. She kept to her den, averting herself form the nursery to take her bed into the medicine cat's den. She became worse, sucumbbing to a quiet death, but before she took her last breath, she asked for her son to say goodbye. Blackkit was called, and he spent the final moments of his mother's life with her. He wanted her to promice that she would be okay and that she wouldn't die, but Cloudweed sternly shook her head. She said that she could not make that promice and when her young son demanded to know why, she replied that it was because that she was going to die. She promiced, though, that she would always be with him watching from Starclan. That was a promice that she could make, and more importantly, keep.

That was when he understood the importance of keeping one's word and to trust what other's had said - and judge from there. His mother had known that, and like it or not, she passed down this determination to him. Her death did not weigh as heavily as he initially thought, affirming that she had been at peace and because of that, he accepted her death. His apprentice ceremony helped distract him from his sadness, fortunatly, when he became Cinderpaw. What came as more of a surprise was that his mentor was his own sire, Ripplepelt, who had just turned 48 moons. Cinderpaw clung mentally towards his sire, his last family, trying to distract himself further by waking when the sun rose and until the sun dived down the horizon. He kept himself busy and worked fitfully and restlessly. His father was affected too, of his friend's death, and although he didn't allow other's to see it, he didn't focus as well as he should have been.

It was one day hunting in Tiger's Wrath, while stalking voles, Ripplepelt took a fall. He had not been aware of the drop in front of him until after he had leaped forward and relized it was too late. When he awoke, his world was black. Confused and frustrated, Cinderpaw led his now blind sire back to Riverclan. Realing that he would no longer be able to mentor his son, he was forced to step down from mentoring to led a life in the elder's den. Cinderpaw became bitter, not because of the accident, but because he know knew why Ripplepelt had become so careless. Still, he pushed forward and was assigned to another tom, Minkfang. He trained under Minkfang, who he grew to simply despise. The first meeting spoke of many long frustrating days to come as Cinderpaw clashed with his highly critical mentor as the older cat did his best to bring out his apprentice's anger and true talents. While his mentor constantly criticized him, the younger tom failed to realize that this made him work harder, pour everything he had in to his work, and would only come to realize and become grateful for this later on in his life.

Cinderpaw worked with his new mentor, but at the time, he still disliked the cat personally. He stole moments of a hard day's work to spend with his father in the elder's den. This was his way of venting out all the day's frustrations, just talking to him. One day, he asked his father if he wished he still had his sight, but Ripplepelt said that he did not mind his fate - causing Cinderpaw to question his reasoning. It was simple, Ripplepelt said, he learned to view life in a different perspective. Cinderpaw was intrigued, albeit still a bit doubtful...but all the same, he spent his days with his mentor and his nights with his father, who verbally taught and inspired him just as he would his own apprentice. With these two conflicting sides, his sole side being one of frustration and anger, now was tampered with the peaceful, sagely wisdom of his father. Cinderpaw was healing.

Then came the day, when he as well as Sleekpaw became warriors. It was a heartfelt accomplishment for Cinderpaw, who looked at his new name as a new start to his life. He was given the name Cinderback, where he has enjoyed a break from the constant and hard life as an apprentice. Although things have been a bit quiet around camp, he always manages to make himself useful in some way or form, either performing his utmost in border patrols and hunting whenever he can. In the most recent moon of Tiger's Wrath, when Reedwhisker had been killed by a fox and after the patrol returned, he and Duckfeather went hunting down by the north banks of the river, where he spotted a young dog fox. Acting with his instincts, they sized up the fox and charged, driving it from the Riverclan border and into the West Pastures.
Sire :
Ripplepelt (No Sdesc on File)
Dame :
Cloudweed (No Sdesc on File)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Cinderstar Ripplepelt Unspecified Tom
Unspecified Queen
Cloudweed Unspecified Tom
Unspecified Queen
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Minkfang (No Sdesc on File)
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