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Leader of WindClan
A She-cat by Midnightsky out of GrasspeltBorn Lilykit in the Moon of Long Sun (2005)
Living at the age of 53 Moons (4 years & 1 month)
Short Description :
A stocky light ginger tabby she-cat with white socks and amber eyes
Long Description :
Dawnstar is a stocky, heavily-built tabby, with short light ginger fur and white socks. Her big paws and furry coat add to the impression of size, making her a better fighter than hunter. She has deep, expressive amber eyes which more often bear a steely expression than anything else. While not especially graceful for a cat, she has an elegance born of a spareness of movement. Every gesture is deliberate and loaded with meaning she doesn't care to express through words.
Pragmatical and proud, Dawnstar brooks no non-sense, and will quickly get annoyed if something is not to her liking. She prefers a straightforward, blunt approach to most situations, rather than beating around the bush. Extremely proud of her heritage and bloodline, she all but despises those she considers below contempt - as in, anything that moves which is not WindClan.

She has little patience for those who do not serve the clan to the best of their capabilities - namely, kits. Future of the clan they may be, but until they are apprenticed, Dawnstar feels they are nothing more than a burden and a strain on the clan's resources. While she respects her elders and what they did for the clan in their time, Dawnstar had rather not spend too much time close to them - she can be much more useful elsewhere, hunting and protecting her kin.

She is not averse to favoritism displays. Dawnstar does not measure her clanmates' value as Blackstar does, and it occasionally shows. She is more likely to place her trust on cats closest to her and her family, be it by blood or training.

For all her bluntness, she prefers to keep matters that pertain to clan life and hierarchy private. The clan comes first and foremost, and Dawnstar tries her best to ensure it stays together. Every action of a clanmate reflects upon the entire clan, and thus, as she grows, she has learned to treat each situation as part of a larger picture.
Key Dates  
Full History :
Born in the last moons of the Great War, Dawnstar has little memory of it, except what she heard from her elders. Half-sister to the former WindClan medicine cat, Thornpelt, she never felt the call to serve StarClan her brother had. The prospect of serving her clan in a more straightforward way, where results could be seen on a daily basis, appealed much more to Lilykit's little heart, even at the time.

Apprenticed to Hawkflight, Lilypaw was pretty much the regular apprentice, her bulk quickly making her a better fighter than hunter. Shortly after becoming an apprentice, an incursion into ThunderClan territory with Blackwater and two other clanmates resulted on the near death of the ThunderClan apprentice Cloverpaw. Not a moon had passed when the Markedkit prophecy was proclaimed by the Medicine Cats.

The moons of peace that followed did little to settle her heart that war will come back eventually, and thus Lilypaw honed her battle skills whenever possible - and has kept on doing so until this day.

At her thirteenth moon of age, Lilypaw was given her warrior name, Dawnfire. The event was bittersweet, for the death of her mother Grasspelt took place in that same moon. However, death is commonplace in the forest, and Dawnfire soon overcame it. As important as kin was to her, the clan came first.

She received her first apprentice at twenty-one moons of age, and drilled into him as many of her skills as she can - Dawnfire could not let her family down, not when one of her brothers was deputy and the other medicine cat of the clan.

Doublestar's death in the 9th day of the Moon of First Green, 2007, marked Blackwater's ascendancy to WindClan leadership as Blackstar. Dawnfire was named his deputy, rank she recognized as only due to her station.

In the Moon of the Killingcough (2007), her apprentice fell ill with the same symptoms that Doublestar had revealed. After a few days of worrying about her health, Dawnfire decided it was not worth the effort. Having seen the effects of the illness on her former leader and the lack of results from Thornpelt and Brightsky's ministrations, she gave up on the young cat's life. She, Dawnfire, could be useful to her clan in other ways - and thus she hunted and patrolled more, keeping up her activity levels. When her apprentice passed away at the end of the Moon of Long Sun, she shrugged off the event - life had already moved on and there were other kits on WindClan that would one day be apprenticed.

On the 11th day of the Moon of Cheetah's Flight (2007), Dawnfire became mentor to Rowanpaw. She taught the young cat strictly yet as fairly as possible, and when the day came that he was made a warrior under the name Rowanbough, Dawnfire could not be more proud of him or of her own accomplishment in training such a capable clan cat.

In the following moons moons, Blackstar's opinions on Gatherings and interClan actions worried her deeply. She remembered Leopardtrack's betrayal and Doublestar's recklessness in attacking Bloodstar at a Gathering, and concurred that the clan might be exposed in such occasions. However, she did not agree with her brother in every aspect. The clan was tense, under visible stress, and Dawnfire still had plans for her future.

When her brother was brutally slain by a badger on the first day of the Moon of First White (2008), Dawnfire became leader of WindClan and was renamed Dawnstar.
Sire :
Midnightsky (A light ginger tom with dark brown eyes and light tabby markings)
Dame :
Grasspelt (A torbie she-cat with white paws)
Maternal Siblings
Blackstar (A confident black bi-color tom with yellow eyes)
Paternal Siblings :
Cloudpaw (A stocky ginger tom with blue eyes)
Silverkit (A light ginger she-kit with gray eyes)
Thornpelt (A ginger tom with long tail, big paws, and amber eyes)
Other Family :
Half-Nephew: Graysky (A young pale gray bi-color tom with yellow eyes) Half-Niece: Doveleap (A young pale fawn bi-color she-cat with light blue eyes)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Mentor :
Hawkflight (A wiry gray tabby tom with green eyes)
Mentor of :
Rowanbough (A black tom with rusty highlights and sky-blue eyes)
Others :
Player's Notes
General :
Trivia information about Dawnstar

Lives left: 4

First lost in a fight with Bloodstar
Second lost in a fight with Bloodstar
Third list in a fight with Bloodstar
Fourth lost in a fight with Bloodstar
Fifth lost in a fight with Bloodstar

Detailed Dates

Became a mentor in the Moon of Tiger's Wrath (2006).
Became deputy on the 9th day of the Moon of First Green (2007).
Became mentor to Rowanpaw on the 11th day of the Moon of Cheetah's Flight (2007).
Became leader on the Moon of First White (2008).

Canon Stories

Featured in Root of Fear, written by Gorse.
Featured in Moot Point, written by Willow.
Featured in Shooting Stars and Silver Skies, written by Kitsufox.
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Name Notes :
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