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A StarClanner; Formerly a Elder of WindClan
A She-cat by Unknown Tom out of Unknown QueenBorn Dovekit in the Moon of Long Sun (2004)* Died of Illness in the Moon of Melting Waters (2009)
Dead at the age of 61 moons (4 years & 8 months)
and has been so for 5 moons (5 months).
Short Description :
An elderly cream she-cat with mid-length fur, small paws, large ears and large green eyes
Long Description :
Dovesong is a medium haired, cream colored she cat. She is a somewhat undersized cat and has very dainty paws. Although she is small, her ears are large as well as her eyes which gives her an innocent, owlish look. Her eyes are dark green, which stand out against her creamy white face.
Dovesong is a sweet yet extremely stern she-cat that believes rules are everything to life. Being a warrior is her greatest pride in life and she upholds the warrior code fiercly. As she matured she became less outspoken and bossy and learned how to just follow the rules and except that sometimes other cats will step out of line. When that happens she voices her opinion, but not as aggressive as she would have when she was younger.
Key Dates  
  • Named a Warrior as Dovesong
Full History :
Dovekit was born in the Moon of Tiger's Wrath. She was a quite, obedient kit that never wanted to creat trouble or get in the way. Her mother tried to encourage her to relax a little and have fun, but Dovekit strictly followed her father's calm and serene attitude.

As she entered apprentice hood she became even more difficult to get to break her strictly calm, and intense resereve. The warrior code became her entire bases on life and she followed it the best she could. Although she was strict on how she behaved, she was sweet to her clan and kind to any one that needed help. She didn't let her rules and regulations keep her from loving those who were close to her. She learned everything quickly, becoming good friends with her mentor.

As Dovepaw reached warrior hood and recieved her warrior name, she had finally released her incredibly strong hold on the rules. She still follows them, but they are not as "to the tea" as she used to. When she had her kits, she was sure to inplant in Sparrowtail a need for loyalty and love for the warrior code as well as respect for all cats, no matter what the rank. She had a bit of trouble getting it to stay between his ears, but she is proud of how he turned out.

Dovesong now enjoys her time in the elder's den. She feels she has served her clan well and can now spend her time watching her son's accomplishments and resting in her older age.
Sire :
Unknown Tom (A NPC character of no consequence)
Dame :
Unknown Queen (A NPC character of no consequence)
Offspring :
Sparrowtail (A dark red tabby bicolor tom with gold eyes)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Dovesong Unknown Tom Unspecified Tom
Unspecified Queen
Unknown Queen Unspecified Tom
Unspecified Queen
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Significant Cats
Mated with :
Flamepelt (A red bicolor tom with mid-length fur and gold eyes)
Mentor :
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Dovesong is a Female cat with Mid-length Cream fur.
She is of Medium-small size and Semi-foreign build. She has Green eyes and a Normal tail. She is of non-purebred decent.