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Lieutenant of Caligula's Cabal
A She-cat by Moosegaze out of OwlscarBorn Swiftkit in the Moon of Running Prey (2007)
Living at the age of 28 Moons (2 years & 2 months)
Short Description :
A tall, tailless sable she-cat with one yellow eye, one green eye, and white toes
Long Description :
Drusilla is a seal sepia she-cat. Her left eye is golden and right eye is green. She has no tail and a large triangular notch in her left ear. She has long legs as well which she thinks doesn't go well with no tail. No tail and long legs make her stumble quite a lot since she has poor balance. Her pelt lies smooth against her body and she struggles to make it clean due to the fact she stumbles.
Drusilla works hard to keep an upbeat attitude and focus on positive things. She thinks that heartbreak is the worst kind of pain you can suffer. Her mother thought she was very annoying but she is just trying to fit in with her clan. On the contrary, her father spent quite a long time listening to what he thought were amazing tales of battles and glory, and he thought she has a great imagination.
Key Dates  
  • Began using the name Drusilla
  • Became a Centurion
Full History :
Her parents were Owlscar and Moosegaze of ThunderClan. She had a brother but he was born stillborn. She usually played with her father after his duties and this was her favorite time of day. Shortly after she was apprenticed, her mother died from being bit by an adder at snakerocks. She mourned with her father and mentor Moosegaze after this horrible accident.

She was a fast learner and enjoyed hunting. When her training was nearly over a kittypet attacked her, thus the notch in her ear. She had no choice but to fight back. She sliced his neck and watched him die but continued hunting. She found 3 plump sparrows in the Eastforest and brought them back to camp. After hunting and fighting the kittypet she earned her name Swiftsparrow. After her vigil she went hunting with Moosegaze. While hunting near the thunderpath a large branch fell killing Moosegaze and breaking Swiftsparrow's heart. She mourned him and felt empty inside.

She then realized that if she kept moping her parents would be sad in StarClan for making her life a misery. She wanted to experience the good things in life and live in the moment. She is happy but would fight for the sake of her clan so she can save her clan from feeling the pain she's in. She tried to help cats with problems in the clan.

Following her role in events that transpired with ShadowClan in the Moon of Running Prey (2008), Bloodstar renamed Swiftsparrow as Lostgaze and exiled her. Very shortly after the former ThunderClanner's disgrace, Lostgaze encountered Caligula and entered his cabal, but not before she'd accepted his new name for her, Drusilla.

She bore Caligula a single she-kit, Andromeda, in the Moon of Long Nights (2008).
Sire :
Moosegaze (A seal mink tom with green eyes and a long tail)
Dame :
Owlscar (A tailless gray bicolor she-cat with yellow eyes and a scar)
Full Siblings :
Unnamed stillborn tom
Offspring :
Genealogy & Pedigree
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Significant Cats
Mate(s) :
Caligula (A large, muscular silver tabby tom with one dark blue eye and one pale blue eye)
Mentor(s) :
Moosegaze (A seal mink tom with green eyes and a long tail)
Apprentice(s) :
Others :
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About Drusilla
By Drusilla: Zane - Caligula -
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Name Notes :
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