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Senior Warrior of ThunderClan
A Tom by Rivertail out of FlamesongBorn Frostkit in the Moon of First White (2006)
Living at the age of 35 Moons (2 years & 8 months)
Short Description :
A black tom with white toes, large ears and bright blue eyes
Long Description :
When groomed, his toes shine brilliantly white against the rest of his jet black fur. There's some lankiness to the tom, who's otherwise average in size and build. Ears, slightly larger than usual, swivel expressively atop a determined face. The color of his eyes look as if the color of his sire's odd eyes were blended into a single medium-blue . Eagleflight wasn't content with his scar-less-ness of before, but found that the less-than-a-mouse-tail tiny, horizontal dent on his head further disgruntled him.
Hot-blooded to his core, impetuosity once reigned over spontaneous decisions and opinions. But recent moons have slammed into Eagleflight - literally. Now that he can hold his tongue via hard-earned discipline, he's more frustrated than ever when his attempts fall flat. He still detests being told what to do and often has difficulty with orders from younger cats.

Eagleflight's stubborness bleeds into his firm support of his beliefs AND into his grudges. The most outstanding one is a lingering dislike of Fiercestorm, though that grudge has drained away with the moons; what remains is a residual negative impression.

Since warrior-hood, Eagleflight has had no qualms about throwing his weight around and taking full advantage his "rights as an adult". Though his swagger paled in the leaf-bare of '08-'09 after his slippery "mishap", he's since rallied with self-fortified determination, as persistent and and dogged as ever to return to his former "lofty ranking", back in the good ole days when his mind and body never dared to betray him.

Eagleflight's stubborness bleeds into his firm support of his beliefs AND into his grudges. The most outstanding one is a lingering dislike of Fiercestorm, though that grudge has drained away with the moons; what remains is a residual negative impression.

Since warrior-hood, Eagleflight has had no qualms about throwing his weight around and taking full advantage his "rights as an adult". Then his swagger paled in the leaf-bare of '08-'09; he felt he'd not impress any cat, she-cat or otherwise, with his slippery "mishap". His self-fortified stubbornness, manifested in his desire to be the best mentor possible for Squallpaw, is the strongest motivator to rise to his former "lofty ranking", as he calls it.
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Full History :
Eagleflight was born in the Moon of First White (2006) as Frostkit to Flamesong and Rivertail of ThunderClan. An early incident which deeply affected Eagleflight occurred when he was five moons old: his stressed, overprotective mother lashed out at a small crowd, one of whom was Fiercestorm; this caused Eagleflight's lingering dislike of he who later became his mentor and leader. It was a struggle for Eaglepaw, as he was named, to keep a handle on his disdain and disrespect for the older cat. For the sake of his warrior name and Clan, however, he did so. Mostly.

Eaglepaw desired more than anything to excel in training and make his parents proud. He wanted to be prepared to help his Clan through any challenge, come war, a Fisher, plagues, or snow. So it was that Eaglepaw became the warrior Eagleflight in the Moon of Turning Leaves (2007).

Once he was a full warrior, Eagleflight was proud to fulfill his Clan duties, but still rankled occasionally at being told what to do. He worried still about aging dame, but more than he did about his level-headed sire, and as he himself grew more assured, his worries dwindled. So it was a low blow when both parents perished; first Flamesong during the foxhunt of the Time of the Hunters, then Rivertail during the harshest leaf-bare in memory. As his father's life was whittled away, Eagleflight too grew gaunt, but less with hunger than with stress over his family and clan. The black ThunderClanner was informed of his sire's death from Blackcough as he was returning to camp from a fruitless hunt. Recklessly, he hurried to the medicine cat's den (if he was fast enough, or so he reasoned, he'd get to say his last goodbye to a living Rivertail). A slick patch of ice, gone unnoticed by Eagleflight, fouled his crossing. He went down hard and fast to the frozen ground, and the sisters Sparrowsong and Nightmoth gained another patient.

When Eagleflight awoke, hedgehogs were battling in his brain. Okay, not really, but that was the tom's first thought. In reality, he was in an isolated part of the medicine cat den, and his main companions besides a headache were either the echoes of sick cats, Sparrowsong, or her sightless assistant, Nightmoth. He suffered a brief bout of greencough that he, with help, was able to defeat, but his head injury was not so easy to conquer. He was told that he had a concussion, but all he knew was that he felt stranger than any blackcough bout could make him. Dizzy, slow to comprehend, and bad-tempered, Eagleflight was not the easiest patient. But his obstinacy combined with the expertise of his clanmates helped him survive, more or less intact. The results of his fall were an insignificant scar on his head (Eagleflight detested it), and a subtly changed personality: while inside much the same, Eagleflight tries more than he'd have thought possible to restrain his fiery impulses.

After recovering from greencough and the concussion, Eagleflight's main commitment was towards his apprentice, Squallpaw. Though the relationship between mentor and apprentice was occasionally strained, to say the least, Eagleflight was bursting with pride on the 6th day in the Moon of First Green ('09), when he watched Squallpaw become a warrior as Squallstrike.

Now that he no longer feels obligated to supervise (and critique) the younger tom's every move, Eagleflight is concentrating his efforts on himself; namely, acting as if his concussion never happened. The senior warrior struggles to carry out his regular warrior duties as normal, without revealing the struggle that it is to his clanmates; he needs to convince them as well as himself that he remains as competent as ever. His reflexes (and thoughts) move at a slower pace than they used to---a fact that frustrates him to no end---but Eagleflight remains confident that he will soon be his old, sharp self again. The midnight-furred tom's interest in impressing she-cats has once again peaked.
Sire :
Rivertail (A blue-gray tom with eyes of different shades of blue)
Dame :
Flamesong (A very small, quiet she-cat with dusky-brown fur and dark green eyes)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Eagleflight Rivertail Eagleclaw (A brown tabby bi-color tom)
Frostpelt (A white she-cat with blue eyes)
Flamesong Oakpelt (A black tom with bright green eyes)
Coldgaze (A silvered tortoiseshell she-cat with white paws and gray eyes)
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Mentor :
Fiercestar (A level-headed large blue-gray tom with amber eyes)
Mentor of :
Squallstrike (A lilac tom-kit with a pale underside and primal tabby markings)
Others :
Player's Notes
General :
In the start of the Moon of First Fishing (2009), Eagleflight had both greencough and a concussion. Greencough healed without complication; the head wound didn't. Results: a small atrophic, aka sunken, scar on his head & a subtly yet permanently altered personality - more cautious and restrained. His reflexes (and sometimes his thoughts) are slower, though the difference is so subtle that only those very familiar with Eagleflight would notice the difference. He has occasional bouts of forgetfulness as well.
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Name Notes :
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Eagleflight is a Male cat with Short Black Bicolor fur.
He is of Medium size and Semi-foreign build. He has Blue eyes and a Normal tail. He is of non-purebred decent.
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