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Deputy of RiverClan
A She-cat by Blizzardclaw out of SwanfeatherBorn Fernkit in the Moon of Leopard's Rest (2006)
Living at the age of 34 Moons (2 years & 7 months)
Short Description :
A gray tabby bi-color she-cat with a slightly fluffy tail and amber eyes
Long Description :
Fernheart has a sleek build and is very agile. Her pelt is short but soft, and bicolored, with gray tabby fur contrasting a white muzzle, chest, and underbelly. Her tail is slightly furrier than the rest of her pelt. Her eyes are large and a dark amber color.
Fernheart has always wanted to be considered a friend to her Clanmates. Being a peaceful cat, she knows that words, not just claws and teeth, can win a battle. Despite her loyalty to her Clan, she hopes that someday all of the Clans can live peacefully together. However, she isn't afraid to get her paws dirty. If necessary, she will defend her Clan with her life like a true warrior. Fernheart is a little shy and wary at first around new cats, but once she gets to know them, she talks and jokes with them like they are old friends. As the moons have passed and she has matured from an eager apprentice to a trained warrior, Fernheart's fondness for kits has grown as well. For a while, she has considered doing more good for her Clan and hopes that she can in a very ideal way.
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Full History :
Fernheart was born on a cold leafbare day in the Moon of Leopard's Rest. Her mother, Swanfeather, had a harsh birth that lasted from early in the morning until late in the evening. But Seafur managed to help her deliver three tiny kits, two of which were stillborn. The remaining kit was a she-kit who barely moved or made noise. This kit, who was later called Fernkit, was weak, and it wasn't clear whether she would be able to provide for her Clan. But thanks to her mother and the medicine cat Seafur's care, she survived and was acting like a normal kit by the age of two moons. She usually played with Foxpoppy's kits, but sometimes Fernkit would ask her mother to take her around camp to see the other cats and explore. She admired all the strong warriors and apprentices, and she knew even then that she wanted to please her Clan in any way she could.

Fernpaw was apprenticed to her mother's brother, Sunflame; he was a gruff fellow, but his heart was instantly softened by his young niece. However, he was a little worried about his reputation when his apprentice kept disappearing during hunting patrols. Whenever she came back to the patrol or to camp, she refused to tell any cat where she had been, though she was soaking wet and always hastily tried to lick her fur dry. Eventually Sunflame was able to follow her and found her swimming alone in the river. When she saw him, Fernpaw quickly got out and explained that she wanted to learn to swim better than the other apprentices, since they were better than her when it came to the other skills, such as hunting and fighting. Sunflame just purred and shook his head, explaining that the leader of RiverClan, Wetstar, also liked to swim by himself. He then told her that it didn't matter if she was the best swimmer or fighter and hunter in RiverClan; as long as she could help her Clanmates, she's was a true warrior. Fernpaw was moved by this and stopped her private swimming, training with her mentor and the other apprentices instead.

Then Sunflame began to notice that his joints, which had had mild aches since he was a young warrior, were beginning to hurt more and getting in the way of his warrior duties. He learned that, if the pains continued to grow at this rate, he would have to retire to the elders' den before Fernpaw was finished with her training. This ended up becoming true, but fortunately, it was near the end of Fernpaw's training. Her father, Blizzardclaw, mentored her for the last moon of her apprenticeship, though both he and his daughter were still suffering from the shock of Swanfeather drowning in the river. Fernpaw tried hard and later managed to pass her assessment with flying colors. She had her warrior ceremony the next day, earning the name Fernheart. (Her father retired several days after her warrior ceremony, and he and Sunflame eventually died peacefully of old age.)

After the death of her former mentor, Fernheart eventually moved on and became used to being a warrior, as all young warriors do eventually. She has found a good friend in Thornberry, a tom who manages to make her purr even when she is at her worst. And ever since it was announced that Minnowleaf was to have kits--with Thornberry as the father--Fernheart has considered the idea more seriously, to the point where it just might become a reality.
Sire :
Blizzardclaw (A gray spotted tabby tom with amber eyes)
Dame :
Swanfeather (A blue-eyed white she-cat)
Full Siblings :
Two unnamed kits
Other Family :
Uncles: Sunflame (A golden tabby tom with amber eyes)
Offspring :
Genealogy & Pedigree
Detailed Genealogical Tree
Unk. Tom
Unk. Queen
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Thornberry (A cream bicolor tom with gold eyes)
Mentor :
Sunflame (A golden tabby tom with amber eyes)
Mentor of :
Others :
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Name Notes :
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