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Fiercestar (storm)
A Player Character belonging to Unknown


Leader of ThunderClan
A Tom by Bloodstar out of SorreltailBorn Stormkit in the Moon of the Markedkit (2006)
Living at the age of 45 Moons (3 years & 6 months)
Short Description :
A level-headed large blue-gray tom with amber eyes
Long Description :
Fiercestar is a stormy blue-gray tom. He has large paws and long legs, as well as a powerful, muscular frame. He is every bit as large as his looming father had been, making him the biggest cat in the Clans. His eyes are bright ambery-gold. His claws are long and sharp.
Fiercestar tried to deport himself as a dignified and mature cat. In the past, his well-developed (in his eyes) leadership skills caused him to give orders to older warriors as if he were leader, a trait that occasionally rubbed others the wrong way. Attempting to take charge of a given situation has always been second nature to Bloodstar's only son.

He is less aggressive than his Fierceblooded father and sisters, preferring to use his head before his claws. His adopted mother Cottonwhisker has influenced him greatly, giving him a diplomatic bent his father seemed to lack.

Fiercestar isn't all Cottonwhisker, however. He may have almost-friends in fellow Clans, but he will never trust a cat who was not ThunderClan-born, and while he is more likely than his predecessor to give a cat the benefit of the doubt, he is at heart a stubborn cat who relinquishes his stance only when given a cast-iron reason why. Although he tends to present a stoic front, his calm nature is far from unbreakable. He shows shadows of his father when angered, even when his rage is a cold one. He also shares his father's ferocious contempt for weakness and cowardliness.

Fiercestar is a busybody with a photographic memory and a general dislike of being idle. An honest and direct cat, he has no time for pretense. He prefers to 'have it out' in arguments and hates being lied to almost more than he hates anything else. Because of this, he tries his best to be straightforward in all matters, and sticks to his word through thick and thin.
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Full History :
Fathered by Bloodstar, Stormkit always believed that he and his sister were stronger than any other cat. His mother Sorreltail died birthing him, and he was raised by Cottonwhisker--for a long time, he never quite understood that she was not his real mother. His sister, Markedkit, was found to be the er, Marked Kit, and thus she was told by Twilightstar that she would attend the Medicine Cat meeting during the half-moon. This made Stormkit a little worried about Markedkit, whom he was always protective of. Yet that night a Monster ruined their plans. Twilightstar was cut down on the Thunderpath that night, loosing his final life. Stormkit was thus even more worried. His sister was changing and leaving him during certain night, going to places he could not follow her to. He wanted to protect her. Thus, he planned to become the Thunderclan Medicine Cat Apprentice so he can follow his sister.

As an apprentice, Stormpaw was a hard worker, and since his adventure in rescuing Markedkit--then Hopepaw--from the twolegs, he guarded her even more closely. He had, however, abandoned his hopes to become medicine cat apprentice. He idolized his father and was enthralled with the whirl of warrior life. He would have like nothing more than to become ThunderClan's youngest become a famous ThunderClan warrior, in fact. The thought of being a leader like his great father Bloodstar appealed to him greatly. He was thoughtlessly confident back then, sure of his future and his place in the world, ambitious, and impatient for the nine lives he knew would one day be his. On the first day of Leopard's Rest, Stormpaw became Fiercestorm, named for his infamous leader great-grandsire: Fiercestar. The newly-named Fiercestorm was honored beyond repair.

Since his Warrior ceremony, Fiercestorm's ambitions became more serious. What was once a dream had become reality...future reality, as it were. Bloodstar promised him Frostkit as his future apprentice, and together, Fiercestorm, Cottonwhisker, and Bloodstar planned to instate him as deputy when the time came. Fiercestorm, although still strong in resolve, struggled with the insecurities of a young cat under pressure. He was coming to terms with his limitations and weaknesses, growing to understand how harsh the life of a leader can be. This grim reality tempered Fiercestorm. Around the Moon of Long Nights, Fiercestorm began to spend more and more time with Flurrytail, his future mate. On the Fourth of First Green, Fiercestorm received his first apprentice, Eaglepaw, as promised. His new apprentice's obvious strong dislike of him made him uncomfortable, but he tried to see it as just another hurdle he had to cross. Another hurdle to cross arose just after the ceremony, when Fiercestorm confronted Rosestorm. They got into a heated argument in which Rosestorm spilled her true thoughts about Flurrytail. Fiercestorm was hurt, furious, insulted, and outraged. The argument put a wedge between the previously close siblings.

However, Fiercestorm has since made up with Rosestorm, prompted in part by her surprising pregnancy. Although the two still differ on their views of Flurrytail, they have agreed to set it aside (at least mostly). On the sixteenth day of the Moon of the Killingcough, Cottonwhisker stepped down from her deputy post in Fiercestorm's favor.

Not long after, Flurrytail shocked Fiercestorm by admitting to being in love with him--a sentiment that he found he returned. Unfortunately, the revelation only served to widen the rift between Fiercestorm and Rosestorm.

Fiercestorm weathered several moons of deputyship since, juggling Clan duties with raising his eldest son, Tigerpaw, and his newest litter, consisting of Squallkit and Batkit. Although these moons were comparatively quiet, Fiercestorm's confidence in his leadership skills steadily increased. He had all but gotten over his former insecurities, and while he still greatly valued his father's advice, he felt ready to take over as ThunderClan leader when the time came--and came it did, early in the Moon of First White.

Fiercestorm's promotion was sudden and bloody, as Bloodstar's last lives were claimed in a brutal fight with the WindClan leader Dawnstar. Now ThunderClan's new leader, Fiercestar must balance his desire for vengeance with his desire to avoid a war that would cost ThunderClan lives.
Sire :
Bloodstar (A huge, foul tempered tom with blood red fur)
Dame :
Sorreltail (A smallish dilute tortoiseshell longhair with tabby markings)
Full Siblings :
Hopestorm (An amber-eyed ruddy-fawn she-cat with a pale underside and tattered ear)
Paternal Siblings :
Speckledfury (A blue-eyed caramel and brown she-cat with a pale underside and primal tabby markings)
Nightmoth (A blind caramel and brown patched she-cat with subtle tabby markings)
Sparrowsong (A gray she-cat with brownish cast, pale underside and primal tabby markings)
Other Family :
Adopted Mother: Cottonwhisker (A petite cream and gray calico she-cat with sky blue eyes)
Adopted Sister: Rosestorm (A longhaired torbie she-cat with brilliant green eyes)
Offspring :
Tigerdusk (A young semi-longhaired blue tom with a pale underside and green eyes)
Batpaw (A longhaired blue she-cat with a pale underside and primal tabby markings)
Squallpaw (A lilac tom-kit with a pale underside and primal tabby markings)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Fiercestar (storm) Bloodstar Socrates (An aging purebreed sorrel Abyssinian tom with dark gold eyes)
Gingertail (A graying ginger tabby she-cat with gold eyes)
Sorreltail Unknown Tom
Unknown Queen
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Flurrytail (A longhaired white she-cat with frosty gray points and deep blue eyes)
Mentor :
Hawkfur (A thick coated brown tabby bi-color tom with amber eyes)
Mentor of :
Eagleflight (A black tom with white toes, large ears and bright blue eyes)
Others :
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