Hailpaw (Icystone)

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Medicine Cat Apprentice of RiverClan
A She-cat by Sleekstar out of IcystoneBorn Whirlkit in the Moon of First Green (2008)
Living at the age of 16 Moons (1 year & 3 months)
Short Description :
A cream, gray and white patched she-kit with hazel eyes
Long Description :
Hailpaw has a thick, white pelt for her base coloring, and is as such the main color of her body. Her back, however, carries a large patch of creamy coloration, which is in turn spotted with gray. Besides that, the only non-white region of her body is the gray tip of her tail. As she is still young, Hailpaw still carries a bit of the chubby kitten about her frame; however, she is quickly growing into a thin, lanky cat with a lithe build, long legs and tail, and a thin, angular face. Her eyes have shifted from kit-blue to a sea-green with flecks of gold.
One trait which is evident in Hailpaw, even at her age, is her self-confidence. Being the daughter of her own Clan leader, she is very assured of her place in the Clan -- so assured that, at time, she shows some disregard for certain rules. However, Hailpaw has begun to realize that there is such a thing as a line which should not be crossed, so as to avoid inconvenient consequences.

Hailpaw has an intense enthusiasm for knowledge and discovery, and very much enjoys exploring, whether it be the territory or the tenets of the Warrior Code. Her attention span is respectable for a kit of her age and energy level, and she has a persistent nature spurred by her competitiveness, so that if offered a challenge she will work her tail off to see she triumphs. Her pride leads her to be somewhat condescending to the other kits in the nursery, and she has little respect for her brother, Pebblekit (though she does harbor affection for him).

Hailpaw is very excited to have been apprenticed a little early, and to the medicine cat at that; she is looking forward to matching wits with Heronflight and learning all there is to know about medicine cattery.
Key Dates  
Full History :
On the 18th day of the Moon of First Fishing, Whirlkit was born, along with her brother, to the RiverClan leader, Sleekstar, and Icystone, a RiverClan warrior. The nursery's ranks were soon swelled with the kits of other queens, and Whirlkit, gaining in knowledge of herself as she gained in age, began to exert her willfulness (some might say bossiness) upon her denmates. Although she was as playful and active as any other kit, privately she felt herself to be somewhere above the other kits -- even her brother -- as far as mental capacity was concerned.

Whirlkit was apprenticed as Hailpaw to Heronflight, the RiverClan medicine cat, on the second day of the Moon of Cheetah's Flight.
Sire :
Sleekstar (A sleek cream tabby tom with a calm demeanor)
Dame :
Icystone (A gray she-cat with pale gold-green eyes)
Full Siblings :
Pebblekit (A blue spotted tabby tom with gold eyes)
Other Family :
Burningclaw (Maternal, Deceased)
Rockclaw (Paternal, Deceased)
Icepelt (Maternal, Deceased)
Splashingrain (Paternal, Deceased)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Hailpaw Sleekstar Rockclaw (A gray tabby tom with green eyes)
Splashingrain (A calico she-cat with green eyes)
Icystone Burningclaw (A brown tabby tom with amber eyes)
Icepelt (A gray she-cat with a white patch on her chest and green eyes)
Detailed Genealogical Tree
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Mentor :
Heronflight (A mostly brown tortoiseshell tabby she-cat with yellow-green eyes)
Mentor of :
Others :
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Name Notes :
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Reserved Name: Hailstone
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