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A Player Character belonging to Nagini


Medicine Cat of RiverClan
A She-cat by Ashstar out of FoxpoppyBorn Heronkit in the Moon of Long Nights (2006)
Living at the age of 33 Moons (2 years & 6 months)
Short Description :
A mostly brown tortoiseshell tabby she-cat with yellow-green eyes
Long Description :
Heronflight is a she-cat with a thick pelt. Her fur is mostly brown, complimented by cascading strokes of ginger and grey, which give her a darker appearance. The tortoiseshell also bears dark tabby markings that slash down her body. They are easiest to see in the lighter parts of Heronflight's fur. Heronflight's ears are slightly large. Fur emerges from them and her eyes are a yellow-amber color with hints of pale green.
Heronflight is an ambitious, unsympathetic, vain, and violent cat. She's also a sociopath. She hates it when things are not how she wants them, and streaks of manipulation and cunning are as much a part of her as the stripes in her fur. She is curious, however, and generally enjoys learning, though if only because it can give her some kind of advantage over others.

Heronflight inherited her mother's bigoted attitude when it comes to blood purity and she views cats with little or no Clan blood in great disdain, believing them to be disgraceful. She loathes the fact that she carries rogue blood in her veins through her father, although she's gotten over it. Heronflight fascination with the memory of Ashstar and the idea of StarClan itself were key points in her becoming Seafur's apprentice. After that, it was simply a matter of power. Heronflight is also interested in the details of the Great War and details of the other Clans in general. She wants to know as much as possible about her enemies, preferably before she meets them.

Heronflight finds her life as a medicine cat unfulfilling. She sees herself as a fighter, not a healer. Not even the power to commune with StarClan and receive prophecies is enough to keep her interested in healing for reasons other than to keep her Clan alive. Since she cannot take her frustrations out on her Clanmates, she takes them out on her prey, and she can be quite sadistic about it.
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Full History :
Heronpaw was born Heronkit, and she came into the world along with her siblings in the Moon of Long Nights. Heronkit was born to to the RiverClan she-cat Foxpoppy and a tom that the kits would not get the chance to meet. Her father, the RiverClan leader Ashstar, was brutally murdered by a horrible fisher almost a moon prior to his kits' birth.

Heronkit was given her first real taste of displeasure when she was just seven-days-old. One evening, she was suddenly awakened by her mother. Foxpoppy was in a frenzy, yowling and running around in panic. Unbeknownst to Heronkit, the fuss had been caused by her brother, Smallkit, who was not breathing at the time. Startled and unaware of what was going on, Heronkit's only focus was on why her mother was no longer curled around Heronkit and her siblings. In an attempt to fix that, Heronkit cried at the top of her lungs. Her brother Needlekit joined in after Heronkit crawled into him during an attempt to reach their mother. Soon after, Foxpoppy returned to the nest, but Heronkit still felt ill at ease, not to mention unhappy, and continued to whine.

In her second moon, during the twelfth day of the Moon of Melting Waters, Heronkit's views on blood purity took shape. After witnessing a lengthy argument between her mother and Newheart, Heronkit began to view cats carrying dirty blood, as Heronkit calls it, with much dislike. However, Heronkit decided to keep her opinion to herself for the most part, so as to keep in good relations with Newheart's family.

When Heronkit was four-moons-old, she became even more adamant about such cats, after the abandoned Walnutkit came to RiverClan and Foxpoppy was made his care-taker. Heronkit was angry that she had to share her den with Walnutkit. She dislikes the kit greatly, sees him as even worse for the Clan than Newheart and her family, and considers him no part of her family. On another note, Foxpoppy's sickness and death from Killingcough seemed to have garnered little sympathy from Heronkit, who appeared merely annoyed by her mother's demise and the fact that she'd have to spend the rest of her fifth moon under Newheart's watch.

When her sixth moon rolled around, Heronkit became Heronpaw and she was became the medicine cat apprentice of RiverClan, under the tutelage of Seafur. On the seventh day of the Moon of Leopard's Rest (2007), Heronpaw was accepted as a medicine cat by StarClan and given the name Heronflight by Wetstar. The art of helping cats just to help them was and remains uninteresting to her. The knowledge of how to use the environment to her advantage was what Heronflight really got out of her training.

In the Moon of Cheetah's Flight (2008), Heronflight took on Icystone's five-moon-old daughter Hailpaw as an apprentice.
Sire :
Ashstar (A small gray-brown tabby tom, blind in the left eye and with a lame left hind-paw)
Dame :
Foxpoppy (A sweet, gentle orange tabby she-cat with white paws and yellow eyes)
Full Siblings :
Duckfeather (A young blue-eyed pale-coated calico she-cat with white feet, belly and throat)
Strongheart (A young dark red tabby tom with amber eyes)
Smallkit (A half-sized tortoiseshell tabby tom-kit)
Other Family :
Paternal Uncles:
  • Hawkstar (A pale gold eyed brown tabby tom)
  • Tigercoat (A solid brown tabby tom with hazel eyes and a scarred pelt)

Paternal Aunt:

  • Scrape (A stocky brown tabby she-cat with a twice-broken tail)


  • Shadedstrike (A gray tabby smoke bi-color tom with dark gold eyes)
  • Silverlark (A gray tabby she-cat with green eyes)
  • Pebblepaw (A gray spotted tabby tom with large paws and hazel eyes)

Adoptive Uncle: Crowfur (A black tom with amber eyes, a fluffy tail and graying muzzle)

(Un)adoptive Brother: Walnutfall (A blue classic tabby tom with large yellow eyes)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Heronflight Ashstar Ebonfur (A black tom with white feet)
Tornnose (A brindled she-cat with a scarred nose)
Foxpoppy Longwind (A cream tabby bi-color tom)
Redsky (A dark brown torbie bi-color she-cat)
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Mentor :
Seafur (A stubborn yet kind blue-gray she-cat with green eyes)
Mentor of :
Hailpaw (Icystone) (A cream, gray and white patched she-kit with hazel eyes)
Others :
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Name Notes :
Name History investigation is required for Heronflight
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Special Forms: Full Edit, Adoption
Additional Details
Bans Information:
Heronflight has been compiled into the bans records based on his/her physical traits.
Heronflight is a Female cat with Mid-length Tortie Mackerel Tabby fur.
She is of Medium-small size and Common build. She has Lime eyes and a Normal tail. She is of non-purebred decent.
Heronflight Is A Part Of The Character Genotype Project and has been Genotyped.
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