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A StarClanner; Formerly a Warrior of ThunderClan
A She-cat by Redtail out of GoldclawBorn and dubbed Honeykit in the Moon of Running Prey (2007)* Died of Illness in the Moon of First Fishing (2009)
Dead at the age of 24 moons (1 year & 10 months)
and has been so for 4 moons (4 months).
Short Description :
A sleek cream mackerel tabby bicolor she-cat with amber eyes and a white muzzle.
Long Description :
Honeyflower is of a medium-large size, with medium-lenght fur and a slim built. She has a light-colored coat, its coloration a mixture of golden and cream that bears a mackerel tabby stripe pattern. Her paws, underbelly, chest, and the tip of her muzzle are white. She has a fluffy tail and slightly small paws. Honeyflower's eyes are big and round, colored amber. Well below her eyes is a small, pink nose and white whiskers.
Cheerful and lively are two words that can describe Honeyflower. She feels saddened herself when seeing other clanmates are in distress. Honeyflower goes through great lenghts to make them happy again, often over-doing it and maybe annoying them in the process. Honeyflower's feelings can be easily hurt, and she sees no way or reason why a cat would dislike her as, in the way she sees it, she is only trying to help. She is often one to start conversations and is very sociable. An optimist, Honeyflower refuses to see the bad side of things, often to her disadvantage. While Honeyflower is usually sweet and gentle, she isn't afraid to raise her voice and unsheathe her claws when there is need. Honeyflower isn't easily angered, but in the rare occasions in which she is, it's often over her not getting her way.
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Full History :
Thunderclanners Redtail and Goldclaw had their second litter born in the Moon of Running Prey. The first litter had consisted of a russet-furred tom, a ten-moon old apprentice by the time of the second litter's birth. The newly born Honeyflower, by then Honeykit, was the only kit to be born in the second litter. Honeykit had a usual and uneventful kithood, apprenticed on her sixth moon of life.

Honeykit recieved the name Honeypaw when she was apprenticed in the Moon of First White. She was an attentive listener, enthusiastic and willing to learn. Her mentor was an experienced and understanding warrior, and so the apprenticeship went smoothly and with little trouble. Obedient and quick to follow orders without question, Honeypaw didn't complain when she was given tasks such as cleaning out the elders' den. Instead, she couldn't wait to listen to their stories the next time she went to deliver their fresh-kill or replace their bedding. Hunting and fighting were among Honeypaw's greatest interests, even more now that she was making important process in both skills. But what was perhaps the most exciting experience for her was that of attending a gathering for the first time.

At twelve moons, Honeypaw was named a warrior. She recieved her name, Honeyflower, in the Moon of First Green. Since then, she has been serving ThunderClan.

The Moon of Cheetah's Flight was a tragic moon for Honeyflower. While on a hunting trip, her older brother was killed beside the Thunderpath. A monster that had appearently lost control suddenly crashed into the forest, striking and killing the tom. Honeyflower grieved for the loss of her brother, but quickly resumed her warrior duties even though she had lost bits of her cheerful view on life.

In the Moon of First Fishing (2009) on the 21st she succumbed to Blackcough.
Sire :
Redtail (No Sdesc on File)
Dame :
Goldclaw (No Sdesc on File)
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Honeyflower is a Female cat with Mid-length Cream Mackerel Tabby Bicolor fur.
She is of Medium-large size and Common build. She has Amber eyes and a Other tail. She is of non-purebred decent.