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Princess of the Cats of Camelot
A She-cat by Pendragon out of ValiantBorn into the Cats of Camelot and dubbed Kelia in the Moon of Leopard's Rest (2008)
Living at the age of 8 Moons (7 months)
Short Description :
A sleek brown classic tabby she-cat [Eyes will mature to a bright green]
Long Description :
Delicate in build Kelia holds the coloring of a classic brown tabby. The only white gracing her body is found on the tip of her maw, right on her mouth, like she was kissed by snow. Her nose and paw pads are a light pink, delicate and becoming. Most striking are her eyes which are green like her mothers. As she had grown, Kelia has not grown much in stature. She remains small and delicate, her paws dainty and always clean.
A sweet cat of gentle decorum, Kelia's mother's serene and regal attitude are one of the most noticeable things about her personality. As only a princess can be Kelia is graceful and full of life, flourishing under her mother's direction and her father's influence. As a young princess life is still full of excitement, however, Kelia is not one to run off after mischief. She is perfectly content to sit and watch, occasionally ruining the fun, as it were, if things get to out of hand. As the oldest princess Kelia tries to be a mentor to her sister,Ceridwen, and is driven to be the best example possible. The virtues she holds most dear are gentleness and self control. Never will she allow herself to be upset by the words or actions of others. As a motherly figure, the one thing that Kelia wants more than all else is to be a mother herself and lead a simple life. She has no desire to rule and is happy with being a support for Arthur and a caregiver to her other siblings.
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Full History :
Kelia was born to his highness, King Pendragon and her majesty Queen Valiant on the 16th of December 2008 (29th day of the Moon of Leopard's Rest). She is the second kit of the litter, following her eldest brother, Arthur, heir to the throne. Proceeding her are three other kits, one of which died four days after their birth; resulting in no lasting memories for the young princess and her siblings. As Kelia has aged, the influences of her mother's teachings and the desire to please her father has caused the eldest Princess to obtain a flourishing personality. With each court attendance Kelia has learned the proper language and conduct one needs as a member of the royal family- and these skills will prove her very useful in the future. A most important event has just taken place in Kelia's life, as her father the King, betrothed her to Lord Aslan of Fief Von Monte on the 20th day of the Moon of First Green.
Sire :
Pendragon (A chocolate classic tabby tom wearing a blue and gold collar)
Dame :
Valiant (A reddish-brown she-cat with green eyes and a slim build)
Full Siblings :
Gareth (A dusky brown tabby tomkit with a warm tone to his coat [Eyes will mature to a bright blue-green])

Cearnaigh (A night-black tom)

Ceridwen (A brown classic tabby she-kit with a rusty cast to her coat)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Kelia Pendragon Tori (A red classic tabby with white paws and amber eyes)
Jessa (A black she-cat with blue eyes and a white spot on her chest)
Valiant Unknown Tom
Elenor (A sleek torbie she-cat with green eyes)
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Player's Notes
General :
I am not entirely sure what the plan for sibling connection is. But, Kelia is going to be a very dignified, yet shy she-cat. I think it would be interesting if she had a love-hate relationship with at least one sibling and then was very close to another, preferably her older brother.
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