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Senior Warrior of ShadowClan
A She-cat by Unknown Tom out of BlacksightBorn Lilykit in the Moon of Turning Leaves (2006)
Living at the age of 36 Moons (2 years & 9 months)
Short Description :
A petite gray she-cat with white paws, white chest, and hazel eyes
Long Description :
Lilywhisker is has shed the awkward form of her youth and has bloomed into a slender, petite warrior, but don’t be fooled by her appearance, as beneath her pelt rippled well-toned muscles. Lilywhisker's pelt is a light grey, looking more along the lines of her aunt Whitestar than her mother, mainly due because of the light shade of grey she is. Breaking the solid light grey of her fur is the white gloves she has on all four paws and the white patch on her chest. Standing out upon the grey of her face is a pair of hazel eyes that sparkle with the spirit within.
Lilywhisker is a very bold she-cat who has learned not to be afraid to speak her mind or voice her opinions. She has a streak of independence that has proven to aid her in her quest to become a warrior. Very stubborn and confident in herself, she is a tomboy and was able to give her brothers a run for their money as kits, able to hold her own in a rough housing session, which she hasn’t really done since she was apprenticed. Her ambition is to become one of the best warriors she can be for Shadowclan, and she's hoping one day, Marshhawk’s body will allow him to rise with her and hold the honor alongside her, with their brother, Ravenpaw, as their medicine cat.
Key Dates  
  • Acknowledged as a Senior Warrior
Full History :
Lilywhisker was born as Lilykit to Shatteredtail and Blacksight on the 9th day of the Month of Turning Leaves, 2006. Born alongside her were her brothers, Rushkit (now Marshhawk) and Birdkit (now Ravenpaw). She was born without difficulty and when she was one moon old, experienced snow for the first time.

As her apprenticeship approached, she became increasingly restless, having wanted to stay outside the nursery as long as she could, and wondered who she was going to get for a mentor. As kits become apprentices at six moons, Lilypaw was given Heathertail for a mentor. Excited, she kept her new mentor on her toes.

In the days before she was made a warrior, she brought down a duck with the help of Oakclaw and Blizzardfury, who she hopes she can become closer friends. Two days later, she was given the warrior name Lilywhisker alongside Hawkpaw, who was given the name Marshhawk. Happy that both she and Marshhawk have managed to make it to become warriors, she is excited to see Ravenpaw become a full-fledged medicine cat and find out what his full medicine cat name will be.

Lilywhisker was injured by a Twoleg using a Farbiter on the 24th day of the Moon of First Fishing (2009). Her right hind leg was badly damaged. Ravenblink's reports are grim, and it has become clear that the leg will not heal well. On the 29th day of the Moon of First Fishing Lilywhisker, though feverish, took the news as well as could be expected and volunteered to step aside for a fitter cat following the example previously set by Lionheart.
Sire :
Unknown Tom (A NPC character of no consequence)
Dame :
Blacksight (A small, skinny gray she-cat with a ragged tail and staring blind eyes)
Full Siblings :
* Marshhawk (A small dark gray tom with a white underside and poor constitution)
  • Ravenblink (A black tom with a large white patch on his chest)
Other Family :
Paternal-side Aunt: Whitestar (A small gray bi-color she-cat with green eyes and a long tail)

Maternal-side Aunt: Sootypelt (A skinny, attention seeking brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes)

Maternal-side Cousins:

  • Sagepelt (A small brown tabby bi-color she-cat with amber eyes)
  • Skydapple (A tortoiseshell tabby van she-cat with amber eyes)
  • Bearshine (A dark brown tabby tom with white legs and pale amber eyes)
  • Aspenbright (A blue mackerel torbie she-cat with gray eyes)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Lilywhisker Unknown Tom Unspecified Tom
Unspecified Queen
Blacksight Birdleap (A rangy brown tabby and white tom)
Swiftclaw (A brown tabby she-cat with white toes)
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Mentor :
Heathertail (A sullen, longhaired silver tabby bi-color she-cat)
Mentor of :
Seapaw (A young black van she-cat with pale blue eyes)
Others :
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Name Notes :
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Litter Record :
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