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Warrior of RiverClan
A Tom by Sleekstar out of IcystoneBorn Pebblekit in the Moon of First Green (2008)
Living at the age of 16 Moons (1 year & 3 months)
Short Description :
A blue spotted tabby tom with gold eyes
Long Description :
Lionfrost is a young blue-gray tom with warm amber eyes. His smooth, thick pelt is marked only by a pattern of darker gray spots -- he has yet to acquire any scars, through battle or otherwise. Taking after his father, Lionfrost is slightly smaller than average, even at full growth. He, like many other members of the Clan, is still lean from the trial of the past leaf-bare.
The hard leaf-bare moons of his apprenticeship have rendered Lionfrost a slightly different cat than he was when he was first apprenticed. Curiosity and self-consciousness subsided to honor practicality first and foremost -- as demanded by the bitter trials his Clan faced. As the world thaws, however, there is once again opportunity to think about more than just paw-to-mouth survival. A measure of his younger self's inquisitive nature has returned.

In addition, Lionfrost now finds that a quiet assurance of his own competence has grown up after the test of leaf-bare (and, too, after taking his warrior name). He knows that his change in status hardly means he's learned all there is to know about the world, but he moves with new confidence through it now. Still driven by the wish to embody a strong legacy for his sire, Lionfrost has a few seeds of ambition in him which are taking firm root in his maturing personality.
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Full History :
Pebblekit and his sister were born in the midst of First Green to Sleekpelt, the RiverClan deputy at the time, and the warrior Icystone. He enjoyed life in the nursery with Whirlkit and the others, but was eager to learn more about the goings-on of the camp and Clan in general. (Perhaps too eager. In spite of his good intentions, he tended to be underpaw and seldom knew when he wasn't wanted.) His mild temperament bored Whirlkit soon enough, and she began to put distance between them.

That distance solidified when, in the moon of Cheetah's Flight, Whirlkit was chosen to apprentice under the medicine cat, taking the name Hailpaw. In the same moon, their father -- now Sleekstar -- was killed by the otter that terrorized the Clan. Pebblekit had idolized his father from the beginning, although he did not know him well, and was strongly affected by Sleekstar's death. Pebblekit resolved to honor his father through his own prowess as a member of the Clan. This resolve combined oddly with his adolescent awkwardness and timidity.

Cheetah's Flight also saw Pebblekit become Lionpaw (a grand name, he thought, and it made him even more self-conscious -- he now had both a leader's blood and a fine name of his own to honor). Apprenticed to Duckfeather, he strove to learn and perform to the best of his ability, pushing himself physically in his training. He considered his mentor a perfectly capable warrior, although he did not grow overly close to her. The death of his mother in the moon of Turning Leaves did not affect him so strongly as the loss of his father -- it only added to the duty he felt to honor his parents' memories.

When leaf-bare came, Lionpaw was at first eager to observe the changes in the world around him. The cold and the snow were new experiences, and he welcomed their arrival...until it became clear that this leaf-bare was unlike those of previous years. This leaf-bare came with a bitterness that made finding prey an awful, near-impossible task. The pangs of starvation and sickness that gripped the Clan were inescapable, and although Lionpaw survived, he was not unchanged.

When he was named a warrior in the moon of First Green, the newly-dubbed Lionfrost had come into his own. Forged by (and named for) the icy test of the hard times, he had lost a good deal of his uncertainty and timidity -- there was no time or place for anything but grim determination in the leaf-bare moons that had comprised the latter half of his apprenticeship. He was as relieved as the rest of his Clan to see the land thaw and the prey return. The warmth of new-leaf has offered Lionfrost a chance to resume some of his interest in the world around him, without the burden of the self-doubt that he had harbored as a younger cat.
Sire :
Sleekstar (A sleek cream tabby tom with a calm demeanor)
Dame :
Icystone (A gray she-cat with pale gold-green eyes)
Full Siblings :
Hailpaw (A cream, gray and white patched she-kit with hazel eyes)
Other Family :
Burningclaw (Maternal, Deceased)
Rockclaw (Paternal, Deceased)
Icepelt (Maternal, Deceased)
Splashingrain (Paternal, Deceased)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Lionfrost Sleekstar Rockclaw (A gray tabby tom with green eyes)
Splashingrain (A calico she-cat with green eyes)
Icystone Burningclaw (A brown tabby tom with amber eyes)
Icepelt (A gray she-cat with a white patch on her chest and green eyes)
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Mentor :
Duckfeather (A young blue-eyed pale-coated calico she-cat with white feet, belly and throat)
Mentor of :
Others :
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Name Notes :
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