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Centurion of Caligula's Cabal
A She-cat by Rigel out of Maria IsabelBorn and dubbed Mintaka in the Moon of Ill Winds (2008)
Living at the age of 15 Moons (1 year & 2 months)
Short Description :
A stocky, shorthaired she-cat with brown ticked tabby fur and white markings
Long Description :
Undersized for her age, Mintaka's stocky frame is draped in short, fine light beige fur with sepia-brown ticking on her back, sides, and short, blunt tail; her chest, belly, inner legs, and face remain as pale as old ivory. Her pelt, when groomed and stroked the right way, feels like liquid satin. A darker brown line of fur runs down her spine.

Wide, almond-shaped eyes take up much of the space of her rounded face, which is usually set in a guarded expression, unless she wishes to show politeness and mildness. Her muzzle is a short one with a salmon-colored nose. Both her eyes and nose are outlined in black. Her ears are large and slightly pointed. She was born missing two toes from each paw, so that her two forepaws have three toes and her back paws have only two. Her neck and limbs are thick and, with the passage of time, will soon be even more heavily muscled.

Mintaka would be the spitting image of her Singapura father had she not inherited her mother's pale green eye color.
Mintaka is a guarded, discreet she-cat, having rigid restraint in her speech and actions. Her approach to life is to lay low, keep quiet, and act towards her own interests. Due to her mother's training, she is quite proficient in hiding her true emotions behind a mask. Of course, there are occasions when Mintaka slips up and accidentally reveals some of her feelings, for no cat is perfect. However, she does her utmost to keep her opinions to herself. As she was taught that allies are more valuable than enemies are, she often portrays meek courtesy and avoids conflict in an attempt to be neutral and be on the good side of all she meets. She may also act docile or weak to influence others to disregard her as a non-threat, since she operates under the belief that it is best to escape notice or appear harmless to escape from harm herself.

Mintaka is well practiced in remaining alert and in observing her surroundings. While she can stay on her toes and make snap decisions in times of urgency, she prefers to mull over the situation and analyze what course of action would result in the most desirable outcome. Although she is a cat of few words and keeps most of her thoughts and feelings private, Mintaka secretly yearns for companionship and affection, and will thus oft seek out the company of others. Mintaka still harbors a part of her former frolicsome, naive side; if she becomes comfortable around a cat, she will bounce around high spiritedly and wish to play games like she once did, forgetting, at least for a moment, to bottle her emotions and remain aloof.

Humans terrify the young Mintaka. She both hates and fears them, and will avoid them at great lengths.
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Full History :
Mintaka is the smallest and youngest of her litter; her brothers Alnitak and Alnilam were born before her on that 3rd day in the Moon of Ill Winds. Her mother, Maria Isabel, was a semi-feral that had been brought into the home of the father, Rigel, a purebred domestic Singapura.

Rigel, like his astronomer owner, had a passion for the galaxy above, and taught his three children all he knew about the stars and other celestial bodies. Mintaka's favorite star constellation was, and still is, Orion. Thus Mintaka spent her first six weeks of life, stargazing with her father from the moment her eyes opened for the first time, curling up with her mother, and, once she got the hang of moving around, tumbling playfully with her brothers.

That is, she did, until her life was rent apart. Rigel's owner had decided that five cats were simply too much for her to handle, and felt that the time had come to sell the kits. While Maria Isabel and her children were basking unsuspectingly in the sun streaming through an open window, the human grasped Alnilam first and locked him inside a cold, shiny-webbed box before anyone could do anything. By the time Rigel's owner had reached for the other two kits, however, Maria Isabel was better prepared, and the mother fought fiercely back. Alnitak and Mintaka dodged the human's groping hands, and fled with their mother out of the open window. However, the escapees would never know that the only reason the human did not follow to chase them down was because Rigel had stayed behind and held off his beloved owner, even resorting to scratching her on the leg. By the time Rigel's owner could stumble out of the house to search for the missing cats, Maria Isabel, Alnitak, and Mintaka were gone.

After fleeing from Rigel and his owner, Maria Isabel raised her remaining two kits whilst roaming on the streets. She went back to her old lifestyle, begging food from humans when she failed to catch the occasional bird or rodent, and sleeping wherever she could find shelter, whether it be up in a tree or underneath a human's sleeping Monster. The mother took absurd pains to avoid Rigel's home, and even though her children missed their father, Maria Isabel forbid them to ever return; their father was nothing but a traitor, she told them, who had gone against his promise to protect his family; it was his fault Alnilam had been captured. Maria Isabel herself vowed to never make the mistake of loving a tom again. Instead of the caring mother that Mintaka had known, Maria Isabel became rather distant and cold. The she-cat still loved her children deeply, but felt that she should not show such impractical emotion outwardly; rather, she concentrated on preparing her kits for the outside world so that they may take care of themselves one day. She taught them hunting tactics and which human roads to avoid. They learned to never reveal their true feelings, but instead portray whatever emotion was most advantageous in the particular situation. They specifically focused on gaining sympathy from others and keeping a courteous outlook, so that hopefully no other cat would have any trouble with them.

Mintaka was greatly affected by these three weeks following the flight from her father. She was hurt and confused by the thought that Rigel had not loved them at all, but eventually accepted her mother's words as true. Although she was grateful towards Maria Isabel for teaching them all she knew and not abandoning them like she thought Rigel had, Mintaka was hungry for a reassuring touch, an approving voice, a word of praise. But no matter how hard she tried, her mother never seemed pleased. The laughter and games that had been such a large part of Mintaka's life dwindled down until virtually all her time was spent hunting for food or for shelter, roaming with her brothers and mother, and practicing her mother's daily lessons. Mintaka became a more solemn, cautious she-kit, while her childhood vivaciousness and cheerfulness faded away. Nevertheless, the one thing that she did not lose from her former life was her love for the galaxy. While she had the good sense not to mention constellations and planets in front of her mother, who did not tolerate any reference to her former love, Mintaka would often wait until her mother slept, then would arise every clear night to stargaze.

Maria Isabel was on an outing with her offspring one day in the Moon of Long Sun (2008) when disaster struck yet again, this time from a male human, such a distance away as to seem to the three cats that he would cause them no trouble. In fact, Maria Isabel was considering her chances of begging scraps off him when the man raised the long stick he was holding in his arms, and aimed its black barrel at the mother. All Mintaka remembers from that moment is a sound like a crack of thunder, then a pool of dark liquid seeping from underneath her dame's body. Mintaka had frozen at the sight of her prone mother, but at the next gunshot that missed the kits by a whisker, Alnitak had the presence of mind to scatter, shouting for his sister to follow. However, Mintaka was slower than her brother, and even though she was finally able to set her legs into motion, she was soon left behind in the desperate flight. By the time Alnitak realized his younger sister was not behind him, it was too late.

Mintaka, for the first time, was on her own. While her mind was still numb, her paws took her a great distance away from the streets she knew, and eventually she came into a new town: Whitehart (though it was a time before she learned its name). Shortly after her arrival, on the 9th day in the Moon of Lion's Glory (2008), she stumbled upon Caligula, and became the Caesar's (somewhat reluctant) ward. Since then she has been cared for, and has also been acquainted with the other members of Caligula's Cabal: Zane, Drusilla, and Paladin.
Sire :
Rigel (a pure-bred, sturdily-built Singapura tom with hazel eyes)
Dame :
Maria Isabel (A small brown furred she-cat with green eyes)
Full Siblings :
* Alnitak (A brown ticked tabby tom with green eyes)
  • Alnilam (A brown ticked tabby bicolor tom with hazel eyes)
Other Family :
Maternal Grandsire: Carlos (A fine-boned black tom with green eyes) (deceased)

Maternal Grand-dame: Anita (A cinnamon bicolor she-cat with graying points)

Maternal Uncle: Pablo (A mostly black bi-color tom with short, sleek fur and green eyes)

Maternal Aunt: Esmeralda (A green-eyed she-cat with a short brown coat)

Maternal Half-Aunt: Tab (A small black cat with dark green eyes)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Mintaka Rigel Unknown Tom
Unknown Queen
Maria Isabel Carlos (A fine-boned black tom with green eyes)
Anita (A cinnamon bicolor she-cat with graying points)
Detailed Genealogical Tree
Unknown Tom
Unknown Queen
Maria Isabel
Unnamed tom
Unnamed she-cat
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Player's Notes
General :
Mintaka will grow up to be a small-sized adult cat, weighing in at 4 lb.
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By Mintaka: Caligula -
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Name History investigation is required for Mintaka
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Bans Information:
Mintaka has been compiled into the bans records based on his/her physical traits.
Mintaka is a Female cat with Short Black Ticked Tabby Bicolor fur.
She is of Small size and Semi-cobby build. She has Green eyes and a Normal tail. She is half Singapura.