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Medicine Cat of ShadowClan
A Tom by Shatteredtail out of BlacksightBorn Birdkit in the Moon of Turning Leaves (2006)
Living at the age of 36 Moons (2 years & 9 months)
Short Description :
A black tom with a large white patch on his chest
Long Description :
Ravenblink is a black tom with a bold, bored manner that can usually frustrate even his most patient over seers. He has equally black over bright eyes with much reflection in them, usually they are so glassy that if a cat looked only at his eyes they might think the cat had a fever. They are narrow and small, and seem to hold all his expressions much more eloquently than his sleek, often expressionless features. Covered with velvety shadowed fur. Ravenblink is healthy and strong though he looks compact because of his essential darkness but is really average size and weight, his white chest pops out in a nature akin to that of a robins, only pristine rather than any shade of red. His white claws only occasional peak out of his feet, like tiny shards of ice, and because of his cool nature he usually manages to keep them sheathed. His teeth, most stand out because they have grown to be very long and sharp. Ravenblink often smiles but he never grins so they are often hidden by one of his no-expression expressions. Ravenblink, despite being a healer is also very athletic when opportunity arises, and though he is under trained in the fighting arts in favor of herbal and spiritual growth he has a notoriously strong bite. He almost never resorts to physical sparring however because he is even more inept at absolutely pissing any one off regardless of rank, Clan or gender and the worst part is, that he usually gets away with it.
Birdkit, since growing into Ravenpaw and then Ravenblink, has been taught many herbal remedies as well as the beginnings of an unshakable patience by his mentor, he is not adverse to waiting to get what he wants because he knows that if you wait long enough you usually at least get a pretty good substitute either by Will of StarClan or Rule of Thumb.

He uses this patience and intellect well in conflict though he has yet to be taught humility or reserve. Unlike other medicine cats he has not by any means settled down, and though he will never grow up to lead patrols he still leads. Using both the knowledge he has been given by Sagepelt and the sharp reasoning skills and confidence he has had since birth he looks at the tasks before him as a Medicine Cat Apprentice with an observant eye. He learns very quickly and has a very large memory, though sometimes that memory becomes selective on certain subjects. He will grow into a very proficient healer, though the other aspects of being a Medicine Cat are less clear to him and the more he thinks about them, the more blurred they become. He believes in StarClan but sometimes he is very unsure about whether they believe in him, like all confident creatures he has large self esteem issues. Ravenblink, though well endowed with the energy and sense of fun youth grants can indeed be cold, with a less than conventional sense of humor and an odd (for his profession) steak of competition and venom.

Ravenblink however, doesn't truly mean any harm, he is just lax when it comes to empathy and prefers to spend his time on more practical things, like whether or not a cat lives as opposed to how the cat feels or how much pain it must suffer to get well. His vestiges of kindness dwindle more and more when the subject turns to other Clans. Among his good qualities is his leadership skills, as mentioned before his very bossy but usually his decisions end up being benevolent in effect and are always well thought out with the well being of his kin in mind. He is also extremely loyal both to his brothers and sisters and his own Clan, he takes immense pride in being a ShadowClan cat and eventually a Medicine Cat. Though not the most upbeat apprentice, he is very enthusiastic and he loves to learn, he is not by any means as lazy or bored as he outwardly appears.
Key Dates  
  • Recognized as an Adult as Ravenblink
Full History :
Spending much of his early kit hood with his brothers and sisters trailing after him as soon as he was apprenticed Ravenblink was doing much the same thing, though perhaps less because of how obsessively busy he has become. He received his adult name and became Ravenblink during the Moon of Melting Waters (2007).
Sire :
Shatteredtail (A mostly black tom with a scarred face and deformed tail)
Dame :
Blacksight (A small, skinny gray she-cat with a ragged tail and staring blind eyes)
Full Siblings :
* Lilywhisker (A petite gray she-cat with white paws, white chest, and hazel eyes)
  • Marshhawk (A small dark gray tom with a white underside and poor constitution)
Other Family :
Sootypelt (A skinny, attention seeking brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes)
Whitestar (A small gray bi-color she-cat with green eyes and a long tail)


Bearshine (A dark brown tabby tom with white legs and pale amber eyes)
Skydapple (A tortoiseshell tabby van she-cat with amber eyes)
Sagepelt (A small brown tabby bi-color she-cat with amber eyes)

Adopted Cousin:

Aspenbright (A blue mackerel torbie she-cat with gray eyes)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Ravenblink Shatteredtail Hawkeye (A brown mackerel tabby bi-color tom)
Quiverfoot (A black bi-color she-cat)
Blacksight Birdleap (A rangy brown tabby and white tom)
Swiftclaw (A brown tabby she-cat with white toes)
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Mentor :
Sagepelt (A small brown tabby bi-color she-cat with amber eyes)
Mentor of :
Others :
Player's Notes
General :
Trivia information about Ravenpaw

Beginning Warrior Training Progress

Border Tour' - Completed
First Gathering - Completed
The Code - Excellent
Scenting & Tracking - Excellent
Stalking - Good
Vulnerabilities - Excellent
Field Medicine - Excellent
Conditioning - Good
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Name Notes :
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Additional Details
Bans Information:
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Ravenblink is a Male cat with Short Black Bicolor fur.
He is of Medium size and Common build. He has Blue eyes and a Normal tail. He is of non-purebred decent.
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Ravenblink Is A Part Of The Character Images Project and has been completed. (View)
Ravenblink Is A Part Of The Character Images Project and has been completed. (View)