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A StarClanner; Formerly a Elder of ThunderClan
A Tom by Eagleclaw out of FrostpeltBorn Riverkit in the Moon of Long Nights (2003)* Died of Illness in the Moon of First Fishing (2009)
Dead at the age of 68 moons (5 years & 3 months)
and has been so for 4 moons (4 months).
Short Description :
A blue-gray tom with eyes of different shades of blue
Long Description :
Rivertail is a lanky, bluish gray tom. His slate gray fur lengthens around his neck, chest, and belly, while his facial fur is more of an average length. His coat is decently glossy and he does take pride in keeping it clean. His legs, muzzle, and tail are longer then those of most cats, giving him a look similar to an Oriental. His claws, nose leather, and paw pads are a bluish black. His eyes do not match. The left eye is light blue; the right is dark blue. Rivertail's body is built more for speed than power, although he is fully capable of doing his bit in a battle.
Rivertail is a patient, forgiving cat with an open mind. He isn't very playful and much prefers to sit and talk with his friends. In his growing age, he has begun to adopt a rather philosophical attitude, pondering things of greater important than he once did.

Rivertail is just about as loyal as any cat can be to ThunderClan and would fight to the death for it. Never in his life has he enjoyed a battle, but he will defend his home and clan with all he has. This is especially true regarding his mate and son; he loves them both greatly.

His relationship with his apprentice, Foxpaw, has tested his patience to its limits. Rivertail does his best, but his age is catching up with him and he often finds that he is inclined to be uncharacteristically sharp with Foxpaw. In fact, the stress had led Rivertail to make the decision that we will retire as soon as the apprentice has his warrior's name.
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Full History :
Riverkit was a quiet, observant kit. He knew most of the things that went on around the camp, even some which were not meant for the ears of kits. This knowledge was mainly due to the fact that, rather than gallivanting about with his brother, Talonkit, he preferred to hang about in the shadows of the elders' den. Talk flowed loosely amongst the older cats and there was much for Riverkit to hear.

Like any normal kit, Riverkit was a apprenticed at six moons to a daring and rather young warrior named Edgeclaw. After a further six moons, during which time he trained hard to serve his Clan properly, he became a warrior as Rivertail. Bloodstar saw fit to give him an apprentice after a few moons. The apprentice, a frail, greenleaf-born she-kit, didn't survive her first leaf-bare. Rivertail has lived through many trying times for ThunderClan. He has watched as the Great War came to an end with the arrival of the Markedkit; he has seen the terrible evidence left by the (now deceased) Killer which prowled the Clans' territories; and he has stood solid even as many cats were struck down by the Killingcough.

The one event which completely changed Rivertail's life was the finding of his mate some moons ago. After a time of mere friendship, and then something more, he and the she-cat Flamesong conceived a son. Upon Frostkit's birth, however, the relationship between the two adult cats began to fray. When the dogs came to kill the Killer, Flamesong caused a scene by losing her head and trying to protect Frostkit from everyone and everything at once. Rivertail tried to intervene and earned a cut on his head for the trouble. He was wary of his mate for a time, but has relaxed enough to be warm with her again.

Frostkit, though, became Frostpaw (under the mentorship of Fiercestorm), and then Eagleflight. The paternal pride Rivertail feels for his son cannot be expressed in mere words; now he can almost understand the strength of Flamesong's feelings regarding their kit.

Rivertail received another apprentice, much to his surprise, a few moons after his own son became a warrior. Foxpaw, the adopted grandkit of Bloodstar, is certainly more than a pawful for Rivertail. The young cat's antics and sometimes completely insane behavior unsettle Rivertail and he is still figuring out quite how to deal with his apprentice.

Once Foxpaw become Foxbright, warrior of ThunderClan, Rivertail retired to the elder's den.

He died of Blackcough on the 5th day of the Moon of First Fishing (2009).
Sire :
Eagleclaw (A brown tabby bi-color tom)
Dame :
Frostpelt (A white she-cat with blue eyes)
Full Siblings :
Hawkfur (A thick coated brown tabby bi-color tom with amber eyes)
Snowkit (A small blue van she-kit)
Offspring :
Eagleflight (A black tom with white toes, large ears and bright blue eyes)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Flamesong (A very small, quiet she-cat with dusky-brown fur and dark green eyes)
Mentor :
Mentor of :
Foxbright (A rich red tabby van tom with one amber and one green eye)
Others :
Player's Notes
Vol Populi :
Relationships :
Name Notes :
Name History investigation is required for Rivertail
Special Forms: Full Edit, Adoption
Additional Details
Bans Information:
Rivertail has been compiled into the bans records based on his/her physical traits.
Rivertail is a Male cat with Long Gray fur.
He is of Medium-large size and Semi-foreign build. He has Odd eyes and a Long tail. He is of non-purebred decent.
Rivertail Is A Part Of The Character Genotype Project and has been Genotyped.
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