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Deputy of WindClan
A Tom by Adderstrike out of StoneheartBorn Rowankit in the Moon of First Green (2007)
Living at the age of 29 Moons (2 years & 3 months)
Short Description :
A black tom with rusty highlights and sky-blue eyes
Long Description :
Sleek and fit, Rowanpaw has grown into a solid cat of average build but on the smaller end of the general WindClan size spectrum. While not truly stocky he is a bit more square than the grand majority of his clan, with solid shoulders and chest that are muscled in a lean way that make rabbit hunting simultaneously easier and harder. His fur is still black with the rusty tones sun can sometimes turn black across the top. His face has grown wide-jawed to accommodate his wide-set sky blue eyes.
Still bright with the flush of youth, Rowanpaw has matured as his training has progressed. He still loves to learn and is intensely focused on his destiny to become a warrior. His mind, which bounces from place to place with the agility that some attribute to intelligence, is sharp enough to let him put together problems and solutions quickly. He prefers to keep his life compartmentalized, and his thoughts separate in an effort to keep the darker thoughts that bring worry into his heart from the forefront of his mind. He remembers the death of his adoptive mother and is still hurt by the abandonment. His drive to become a warrior is partially driven by his inteense desire to prevent as many future deaths as he possibly can.
Key Dates  
  • Named a Warrior as Rowanbough
Full History :
On the 7th night of the Moon of First Green 6 Medicine Cats stumbled onto a small pile of kits left abandoned at the pathway down into Highstones. Rowankit was one of those 4, carried back to WindClan in the jaws of their Healer. This shocking start does not even include the darkest part of his history, for none know of the mother and father who abandoned him and his siblings.

He is, however, completely aware of the mother who raised him, and her fall to the Killingcough. While it shook him it didn't trouble his training overmuch. Instead of keeping his mind on the dark thoughts of abandonment he threw himself wholehearted into his training with Dawnfire. He drove himself to keep up with his older "littermates" and pushed himself to keep their pace despite his younger body.
Sire :
Adderstrike (A solid brown tabby tom with hazel eyes and a scarred pelt)
Dame :
Stoneheart (A tan tabby she-cat with small legs, amber eyes, and white whiskers)
Full Siblings :
ShadowClan's Aspenbright (A blue mackerel torbie she-cat with gray eyes)
ThunderClan's Alderleaf (A brown mackerel torbie she-cat with pale yellow eyes)
RiverClan's Walnutfall (A blue classic tabby tom with large yellow eyes)
Other Family :
Nurse-mother: Jewelclaw (A dark brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes)

Adoptive Sister: Falcondash (A mostly white she-cat with dark brown tabby ears and tail and amber eyes)

Adoptive Brother: Stonestrike (A lazy dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Rowanpaw Adderstrike Owlscreech (A dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes)
Yellowrose (A cream she-cat with faint tabby markings and green eyes)
Stoneheart Darkheart (A black tom with white toes and amber eyes)
Snowdance (A white she-cat with light blue eyes)
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Mentor :
Dawnstar (A stocky light ginger tabby she-cat with white socks and amber eyes)
Mentor of :
Others :
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Additional Details
Bans Information:
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Rowanbough is a Male cat with Short Black fur.
He is of Medium-small size and Common build. He has Blue eyes and a Normal tail. He is of non-purebred decent.
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Rowanbough Is A Part Of The Character Images Project and has been completed. (View)
Rowanbough Is A Part Of The Character Images Project and has been completed. (View)