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Medicine Cat of ThunderClan
A She-cat by Bloodstar out of CottonwhiskerBorn Sparrowkit in the Moon of Melting Waters (2007)
Living at the age of 31 Moons (2 years & 5 months)
Short Description :
A gray she-cat with brownish cast, pale underside and primal tabby markings
Long Description :
Sparrowsong is a gray she-cat with a brownish cast to her fur. The mix of colors darkens her pelt to a dusky shade. However, her underside is paler, a sort of mottled grayish white. Her fur has primal tabby markings, creating a mix of stripes and spots on her coat. Her eyes, once kitten blue, have become clear, bright amber, much like those of her great-grandsire, Fiercestar. Like her father, Sparrowsong is built large and leggy, but she does not approach his or Fiercestorm's size. Her tail and legs are long and thin, showing her Abyssinian blood.
Sparrowsong has certainly found that she has changed as she has matured, even though she is still young. Still, some things have stayed the same over the moons. She has wound down and quieted from her energetic kithood days, but she is still always eager to get things right. She has a fervent desire to please her father, the infamous Bloodstar, and her clan. She has a cheerful disposition above all else, but she is also proud. Due to her heritage and position, she feels she has the right to command respect. Sparrowsong once wished to follow in her father and brother's footsteps, dreaming of one day becoming deputy and perhaps leader in good time. However, with the cards fate dealt her, the quieter, gentler side of Sparrowsong has won out. The nobility of medicine cattery has not been overlooked by her. Now that her position is settled, she appreciates more and more the weight of responsibility on the clan's healers. She is not always able to avoid her pride, but violence has been tempered out of her for the most part, especially if one compares her to some of her relations.
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Full History :
Sparrowkit was born to Bloodstar, the leader of ThunderClan, and Cottonwhisker, the deputy at the time. Having been born into this position, she began to realize from a young age just how important she was as well as how her actions would cast a light on her family. She soon grasped the principles of favoritism and hierarchy. As a kit, she worked hard to figure out ways to wrangle herself some glory.

Sparrowpaw was apprenticed early in the moon of Lion's Glory (2007) to Flurrytail, a cat she respected as the consort of her brother and deputy, Fiercestorm. Despite that respect, she had certain expectations of the white she-cat because of that position. Those expectations had little time to be achieved or failed, as Flurrytail was soon pregnant with Fiercestorm's kits.

A brief incident at Sunningrocks, in which Sparrowpaw's hunting companion slipped and injured herself, brought to light certain qualities about the apprentice which did not go unnoticed by the medicine cat, Sixclaw. On the fifteenth day of the Moon of Turning Leaves (2007), Sparrowsong was made the Medicine Cat Apprentice of ThunderClan. After five moons of training under Sixclaw, she was given her adult name late in the Moon of Melting Waters (2008). Despite that, she retained the same position as she served alongside Sixclaw for the next six moons.
Sire :
Bloodstar (A huge, foul tempered tom with blood red fur)
Dame :
Cottonwhisker (A petite cream and gray calico she-cat with sky blue eyes)
Full Siblings :
Speckledfury (A blue-eyed caramel and brown she-cat with a pale underside and primal tabby markings)
Nightmoth (A blind caramel and brown patched she-cat with subtle tabby markings)
Maternal Siblings
Rosestorm (A longhaired torbie she-cat with brilliant green eyes)
Paternal Siblings :
Hopestorm (An amber-eyed ruddy-fawn she-cat with a pale underside and tattered ear)
Fiercestar (A level-headed large blue-gray tom with amber eyes)
Other Family :
Adoptive Sister: Alderleaf (A brown mackerel torbie she-cat with pale yellow eyes)

Niece: Batpaw (A longhaired blue she-cat with a pale underside and primal tabby markings)

Tigerdusk (A young semi-longhaired blue tom with a pale underside and green eyes)
Squallpaw (A lilac tom-kit with a pale underside and primal tabby markings)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Sparrowsong Bloodstar Socrates (An aging purebreed sorrel Abyssinian tom with dark gold eyes)
Gingertail (A graying ginger tabby she-cat with gold eyes)
Cottonwhisker Ravenfur (A black and white tom with amber eyes)
Speckledstream (A dilute van torbie she-cat with blue eyes)
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Mentors :
Flurrytail (A longhaired white she-cat with frosty gray points and deep blue eyes)
Sixclaw (A dark gray bi-color tom with polydactyl paws and yellow-gray eyes)
Mentor of :
Others :
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