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Warrior of ThunderClan
A Tom by Fiercestar out of FlurrytailBorn Squallkit in the Moon of First Green (2008)
Living at the age of 16 Moons (1 year & 3 months)
Short Description :
A lilac tom-kit with a pale underside and primal tabby markings
Long Description :
Squallstrike is a lean gray-brown tomcat, with a coat spattered with light tabby markings. Of average size for a cat his age -- a young warrior beaming and confident in the fact that he can serve his clan to his fullest -- Squallstrike looks relatively normal, minus the fact that his ears are slightly larger than those of his sister's. His eyes are a light green in color, and his paws never truly grew out of the oversize of his former kithood. His fur lightens considerably as it fades to his underside and belly, and his coat is considerably shorter than his mother and sister's, as he resembles his father Fiercestar more closely than the two aforementioned she-cats.
As a kit, Squallstrike was born with the typical blank personality slate that most kits are -- instinct driving him to his mother's belly to satiate his hunger and need for warmth. Sarcasm was a talent that he quickly grew to become fond of, and he has a rather dry wit, combined with a slightly sharp tongue and dislike for excessive authority -- there are only so many times that a tom can give fresh-kill to the elders and clean their dens. Though once willing to let himself wonder about why the warrior code was exactly the way it was, the banishment of Swiftsparrow -- who was renamed Lostgaze by his grandfather, Bloodstar -- caused the young tom to rethink his perspective of wondering too much about the laws laid down by their warrior ancestors. Showing the signs of determination and willfulness that his family value, Squallstrike has vowed to become the best ThunderClan warrior he can. He prefers not to waste time and get his tasks done efficiently, no matter how tedious or small they are. Possessing a strong will for a cat his age (or so he thinks, in any case), he has innerly vowed to personally drive off any intruder he comes across on ThunderClan lands. This determination comes with a conversation he had with his mother, Flurrytail, shortly after Swiftsparrow was banished -- he asked why exactly she was being torn out of their Clan's ranks, and his mother explained, yet again to him, that cats that hindered the clan in the way that the exiled she-cat did were a risk to all of the clan's safety, especially to the impressionable kits and younger apprentices surrounding her presence in the clan. He is especially mindful of what he says around the younger cats of the clan now, and tries to think carefully before saying anything around those who could be shaped negatively by his words.
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Full History :
Born in the Moon of First Green (2008) to Fiercestorm and Flurrytail of ThunderClan, Squallkit was nestled at his mother's belly alongside his sister, Batkit, while his brother Tigerpaw was apprenticed the same moon.

In the Moon of Running Prey (2008), when he was two moons old, Squallkit's clanmate, Swiftsparrow, was banished from the clan due to unstable history (though he did not know that at the time.) While confused that he was losing a clanmate who had previously visited he and his family in the nursery and become some sort of playmate for him, he didn't truly understand why she had had to go, other than it was because of the fact that she had done something truly wrong and put the clan in potential danger because of it. His mother, Flurrytail, explained to him in the Moon of Lion's Glory (2008) that what Swiftsparrow -- Lostgaze -- had done was detrimental to the clan as a whole, and that she was a dangerous force that would do nothing but serve as a weakness to ThunderClan's ranks and potentially pass down her 'fainting sickness' or views to the younger cats of the clan. Squallkit then understood -- mostly -- why she had had to go, and from then on he personally vowed that he would make sure ThunderClan would be the best that it could be while he was under Bloodstar -- and later Fiercestar, his own father's -- command.

In The Moon of Long Sun (2008), Squallkit heard briefly about the attack against his brother, mother and clanmate Dustwing from the rogue Caligula and Lostgaze herself. Though worried about his mother, he realized she was fine after the battle and grew to despise the exiled she-cat just a little bit more.

Squallkit was apprenticed as Squallpaw to the tom Shardclaw in Moon of Turning Leaves (2008). His mentor was slain by the fox patrolling ThunderClan two days after he was apprenticed -- his mentor was quickly switched to Eagleflight, whom Squallpaw thinks an efficient and clever mentor. Though he was briefly afraid he would be delayed in apprenticeship due to lack of a mentor when the accident was announced, things quickly got back on track and his fears were dissuaded completely.

Squallpaw's grandfather, Bloodstar, was murdered in the Moon of First White (2008) by Dawnstar of WindClan -- Squallpaw was understandably saddened and shocked when the announcement was made, but he knows that a cat as formidable as Bloodstar will never truly be forgotten by the forest. He has a deepset hatred for WindClan due to this event -- though he was brought up to believe his clan is the best, as any cat would be, he would much rather sink his claws into a cat from the moors over one from across the thunderpath or closer to the river near his home.

As of the Moon of First Fishing (2009), Squallpaw has seen his father rise to leadership and his aunt to deputy, and his aunt Sparrowsong is also the medicine cat of the clan. It pleases him to know that the clan is being managed by the finest of cats -- his family. He hopes that his warrior ceremony is drawing soon, and he looks forward to the coming moons after the night he sits his silent vigil.

On the sixth day of the Moon of First Green (2009), Squallpaw was made a warrior as Squallstrike, alongside his sister Batswift.
Sire :
Fiercestar (A level-headed large blue-gray tom with amber eyes)
Dame :
Flurrytail (A longhaired white she-cat with frosty gray points and deep blue eyes)
Full Siblings :
Tigerdusk (A young semi-longhaired blue tom with a pale underside and green eyes)
Batswift (A longhaired blue she-cat with a pale underside and primal tabby markings)
Other Family :
Paternal Aunts
Hopestorm (An amber-eyed ruddy-fawn she-cat with a pale underside and tattered ear)
Nightmoth (A blind caramel and brown patched she-cat with subtle tabby markings)
Sparrowsong (A gray she-cat with brownish cast, pale underside and primal tabby markings)
Speckledfury (A blue-eyed caramel and brown she-cat with a pale underside and primal tabby markings)

Adoptive Paternal Aunts

Alderleaf (A brown mackerel torbie she-cat with pale yellow eyes)
Rosestorm (A longhaired torbie she-cat with brilliant green eyes)

Adoptive Cousins

Foxbright (A rich red tabby van tom with one amber and one green eye)
Owlstrike (A blue tabby van she-cat with hazel eyes)
Smokedrift (A dark gray tabby tom with dark green eyes)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Squallstrike Fiercestar Unspecified Tom
Unspecified Queen
Flurrytail Palepelt (A longhaired white tom with blue tabby points and deep blue eyes)
Lilacear (A longhaired white she-cat with lilac tabby points and deep blue eyes)
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Mentors :
Shardclaw (A black van-marked bi-color tom with pale gray eyes)
Eagleflight (A black tom with white toes, large ears and bright blue eyes)
Mentor of :
Others :
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