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Queen of the Cats of Camelot
A She-cat by Unknown Tom out of ElenorBorn and dubbed Valiant in the Moon of Lion's Glory (2005)
Living at the age of 52 Moons (4 years)
Short Description :
A reddish-brown she-cat with green eyes and a slim build
Long Description :
When it comes to her appearance, she is a blend of her father's coloring and her mother's stripes, form, and eyes. Her fur is a rich brown in color with a high rufus. Her darker stripes marking her form are the same mackerel of her mother's as are the green of her eyes. Her coat itself is short and silky soft, often kept groomed almost to what she believes to be perfection. The lightest coloring on her is that of her muzzle and chin which are a soft creamy-white in color and her ears which are a healthy pink on the insides. Her build is tall, like her mother's, and is built more sturdy than she appears. She has a slender, sleek look to her though still appearing proportional. She carries herself tall and proud with a gait that is graceful and smooth.
Valiant is a genteel she-cat but she will raise her voice if she feels the need. She tries her best to be patient and caring (even towards those she was taught were beneath her) and often finds herself enjoying the antics of kittens. Should the need arise, she is willing to defend those in need- especially those she calls her own.

While taught that the toms normally do the fighting, she was also taught there are lovers quarrels between she-cats and as such, she isn't afraid to unsheathe her claws for any reason.

Loyalty was instilled upon her from her birth and she has strong beliefs that a community of cats fare best when they adhere to religious believes and the leadership of a head cat, which she doesn't see herself as ever being.

When it comes to entertainment, Valiant loves to enjoy herself (whether it be food, song, dance, stories, or even games) and she rarely declines an offer to join in them. She also often encourages other to join to form a sense of camaraderie and community.
Key Dates  
  • Raised to the rank of Lady
  • Married
Full History :
A Renaissance Fair, which located itself in the same place every year, found themselves with a problem. Rats and mice kept finding their way into the fair and the humans were tired of such. When the Human King saw a nice local tom, it was deemed that the local feline population be employed to keep the rats at bay. The tom was then adopted and named the King of the cats and the local cats, curious at first, decided to uphold the tradition as it were.

Around a decade later, it was there a human who brought with him a handsome Bengal tom by the name of Jonathon, who pledged allegiance to aging King cat. Three days later, he came across the fair Elenor and the two promptly married that same fair. How Jonathon managed to avoid his humans after that is a mystery to all the Renaissance cats and a secret he hasn't told any, not even his beloved Elenor. From it, they produced their first litter that summer: four kits- three toms and a she-cat.

The next year, when the first litter were given to the Knights to train, Elenor and Jonathon produced their second litter: three living kits- Valiant and two brothers. It was this same year that the Aging King had his own litter with his Queen, a single she-kit. During the course of the year, Elenor began to shape young Valiant on the how-to's of being a noble lady.

Around when Valiant was a year, her parents welcomed a third litter: two she-kits and a tom (though one she-kit died of illness by her first moon). It was this year she was made lady-in-waiting to the Princess and the two became fast friends. It was also this same year that her brother and sister (from the first litter) both perished- slain defending the King from a canine assassination attempt. Following this, one of her two surviving brothers went insane with grief and in a duel, was slain by the last surviving tom from that litter.

The fourth year (and current year), Valiant only had four remaining siblings, with her parents expecting their 4th litter. The King and his Queen had stepped down and their Princess daughter had stepped up. It was also that year at the festival that, for whatever reason, Valiant was catnapped by humans and taken away to Whitehart.

Now a permanent member of Whitehart, Valiant has found herself rather at home in the Court of Camelot, where she was given the title Dame by King Pendragon. While she is still rather lonely for her family, she has personally begun undertaking the court knowledge and training of Paris and Xochiquetzal and so far, this has seemed to keep her content and feeling productive.
Sire :
Unknown Tom (A NPC character of no consequence)
Dame :
Elenor (A sleek torbie she-cat with green eyes)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Valiant Unknown Tom Unspecified Tom
Unspecified Queen
Elenor Unknown Tom
Unknown Queen
Detailed Genealogical Tree
Jonathon II
2 Males
2 Females
6 Males
3 Females
Significant Cats
Married to :
Pendragon (A chocolate classic tabby tom wearing a blue and gold collar)
Squired to :
Squired :
Others :
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Relationships :
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Name Notes :
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Additional Details
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