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General of Caligula's Cabal
A Tom by Alastair out of IsheriaBorn and dubbed Midnight in the Moon of Turning Leaves (2006)
Living at the age of 36 Moons (2 years & 9 months)
Short Description :
A black bicolor tom with only a single white mark on this throat and green eyes
Long Description :
Zane is a coal black tom with forest green eyes. He has a white mark in the center of his chest up near his throat, which is difficult to see unless his head is tilted back with pride or determination, so Klanin and Zane referred to it as his "pride mark", Zanes paws are white as well. Since he is constantly outdoors, Zane's coat is always slightly roughed up, and considering he doesn't care about the state of his coat to much it usually stays that way. But when he does chose to clean up, his fur is will fianlly lay strait and have more of a sheen to it. His fur is medium length.
Zane is a cat that preferres to be outside more than anything else and will find any means necessary to be out if he ends up indoors. Adventure and excitement seem to run in his veigns, and his mother was always telling him that if he ever ended up on the streets he would be one of the rare house cats that wouldn't mind at all. She was completely right.

Zane was considered wild and energetic in the past, but unfortunately since he lost Klanin he has become less outspoken and happy than he used to be. Whenever the matter of his past comes up, Zane has a tendency to clam up and if pushed, lose his temper.

As he has grown and reached new challenges in his life Zane has become more introverted. When he roamed the streets he used witty remarks and laughter to brush off his painful past, but now he uses determination and hard work to do it. This has made him appear silent and watchful on the outside; inside though, he still holds onto the cocky smile and trickster style of his old self.
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Full History :
Zane was born during new-leaf in a little house across the way from the lumberyard. He never knew his father, who had left before he and his sisters were born. The only things he knew were what his mother told him about him. It seemed that Zane was always getting in trouble. His mother was constantly trying to atone for his actions, and honestly if it weren’t for her and the fact that his housefolk had promised the tom of the litter to their son, they probably would have gotten rid of Zane as soon as they could.

The first few moons of his life were spent indoors. Zane’s sisters were very well behaved and about as lady-like as she-cats could be. Zane eventually got bored with trying to get them to participate in his antics, and so grew more and more restless as the days went on. Then one day, Zane discovered his biggest love, the outdoors. When his housefolk accidentally left the door open, he took the opportunity to dart outside and explore. As soon as his paws hit the grass he knew he would never again be as happy indoors as he was outside.

Zane loved to explore the forest across the street and took any opportunity he could to get out of the house to go there. It was on one of these explorations that Zane met his best friend, Klanin. Klanin was a sleek, gray tom that lived in the forest. He was full of energy and mischief; the two toms seemed to become attached for life the minute they met. The two toms loved to explore the woods together and did so every spare minute they could.

One night Zane was lying in his bed surrounded by his family. He was anxious for some reason and couldn’t sleep so he decided to go and see if he could find Klanin for a midnight adventure. Jumping out the nearby window Zane opened his jaws to see if he could scent his friend. Catching it he headed towards the forest that they had spent so many of their days exploring. He was careful to avoid the big farmhouse which was a few minutes away from his house. The farmer there owned a group of dogs that loved to chase cats more than almost anything else, and if they caught you, you would get hurt - guaranteed.

Reaching the road that ran through the woods, Zane could smell Klanin’s scent over the stench of the black tar. There weren’t many cars at the time, but he could here the roar of many in the distance, so he sprinted across quickly. Finally the scent led him to a little run down shack in a dark corner of the forest. Klanin was of course overjoyed to see Zane, but he knew that Isheria would freak out when she discovered Zane missing. So he convinced Zane to head back to the house.

As they came closer to the road and the big farm house, Zane suddenly heard howling a little ways to his left. The dogs from the farm house had come bounding out from the big barn and ran towards them. Klanin noticed the dogs a few seconds after Zane and began to sprint. As they reached the edge of the highway they came to a sudden halt. In the time that Zane had crossed until now, the cars and trucks had multiplied. Zane knew they had to cross before the dogs got any closer, so when there was a lull in the traffic he sprinted across yelling for Klanin to follow him.

Zane could hear the dogs getting closer as he and Klanin sprinted across the hot black road. When he reached the halfway mark, he all of a sudden noticed a lot of traffic bearing down upon them. Jumping, he cleared the remaining distance to the ditch on the other side. As he rolled back onto his paws, he ran towards the thick cover of the forest. Assuming Klanin was with him, he didn't stop untill he could no longer hear the brays of the dogs behind him.

That was when he noticed his friend was no longer with him. Zane frantically ran back through the woods calling Klanin's name. Reaching the road he saw that the traffic hadn't lessoned and knew that if Klanin had gotten hit on the road, there was nothing Zane could do now.

Zane slowly walked back to the house, only wary enough to keep watch for the dogs that could possibly return. He felt nothing but a sharp pain in his heart, and was unsure if he really feared death at that moment. When he reached the house he found his mother awake and pacing with worry. She tried to pry what had happened from him, but he hardly heard her. He just went to the farthest corner of the house and laid down. He refused to move from that spot and wouldn't eat anything his housefolk offered.

Isheria tried all that she could to keep Zane wanting the will to live. If it weren’t for her he probably would have lost it. Finally, she was able to get him to eat and leave his corner. After a while he recovered and was able to relate the story to his family. A moon after the incident happened and Zane was fully recovered physically, he decided that he needed to leave home and strike out on his own to find an adventure that Klanin would have been proud of. Isheria did everything she could to try and convince him to stay, but in the end she knew it was what he had to do. So Zane set out to find his own way, and found himself in a forest outside of a place called Whiteheart.

Zane lives in the back part of the northern forest and is quite happy. He has finally been able to forgive himself for what happened to Klanin, but he still can’t and won’t forget his friend. He enjoys exploring the woods and Whiteheart in his spare time. Zane will go back and visit his mother who still lives in his childhood home every once in a while although it is not as often as she would probably like, and he sees his sisters on occasion who were eventually sold to good homes in Whiteheart. His family knows that the subject of Klanin is strictly of limits, but if it ever does slip they regret it because Zane distances himself from them and will sometimes disappear into his woods for weeks at a time.

Recently Zane met up with Caligula, a large grey tom who looks to build a group of his own. The Cabal. Zane became a Centurion and follower of Caligula, who sees himself as Caesar or Zeus. Zane like it here and works on figuring out just how much of himself he truly wants to show, and how much he wants to keep inside.
Sire :
Alastair (No Sdesc on File)
Dame :
Isheria (No Sdesc on File)
Full Siblings :
Quinter (A black van she-cat with green eyes and a nervous bearing)
Navati (A black bicolor she-cat with lime eyes who wears a blue collar complete with a bell)
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Zane is a Male cat with Short Black Bicolor fur.
He is of Medium size and Common build. He has Green eyes and a Normal tail. He is of non-purebred decent.