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Leader - [OPEN]
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Deputy - [CLOSED]
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Deputy - [OPEN]
Medicine Cat Apprentice - [CLOSED]
Medicine Cat - [CLOSED]
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Rank Application for RiverClan Deputy

This application opened on 23 Feb 2013 and is currently Open

This application is being opened in response to Wildlark leaving the game.
The application type must be established in question number 1.

Application Instructions

To apply for the rank click "Edit with Form" and then 'Add another' in the box labled Apply.
You should then fill out the form that comes up in the box and save the page.

If you wish to make an offer In Trust for the point when you will have been active with the game for a month, please include the following: "I am submitting this application in trust. My first character was approved XXX" in which the "XXX" is replaced with the date of your first RP post with your first character. Do not select "in trust" from the status menu. A staff member will do so if the application is accepted, pending your being active at the end if your first RPing month.

1.) Essay Question

Select one of the following options and answer in accordance with the type of application you wish to put forth. The earlier a letter is in the alphabet the more preferential the treatment that application will receive.

A.) Application to Adopt Fernheart - Discuss why you feel you would be a good player for this character.
B.) Application as existing PC - Discuss and provide evidence that supports your character's suitability to selection as a Deputy for Cinderstar. This should include links to IC posts. Be sure to address how you would propose we deal with the existing deputy.
C.) Application as a to be created PC - Briefly discuss the character you wish to create, including why that character would be suitable as a the new Deputy and why the current leader would support them. Be sure to address how you would propose we deal with the existing deputy.
2.) Role Play Situation

Please reply to the following post In Character using the character that you are applying with.

The young apprentice Goldpaw shrunk back, fur sucked tight to her body in fear as she cowered in front of her mentor, eyes wide with fear as she almost disappeared in the massive tom’s shadow.
"The Clan comes first!" he hissed lowly, his already massive tabby pelt raised in anger. "The elders saw you take the last bird, before they’d been fed. Have you no respect for those who devoted their lives to ensuring you had a place to live, to hunt, to be born?!" the apprentice's mentor, an older warrior called Robinbright, growled, fangs bared menacingly. The apprentice, hardly more than a kitten, seemed on the verge of fainting. Her whole body trembled violently and she shrank as if trying to hide in the ground beneath her.
3.) Role Play Situation

Write an in character post in response to the following situation as the character you are applying with.

Your character is out on a lone hunt and comes across the body of a dead clanmate. There are several paw-prints nearby and the stench of rogues hangs in the air thick enough that you know that they've been gone only moments. It is obvious that there weren't many rogues; two-three at the most.
4.) Role Play Situation

Create an in-character post that would be used to begin a roleplaying thread.

5.) Essay Question

Select the option that applies to you and answer.

A.) Current member of the Staff: Do you feel you are currently fulfilling your already existing responsibilities?
B.) You are not a part of the Staff: Why do you feel that you, the player, is qualified to join the CoSC Staff? In what ways do you feel you can improve your clan? Include information about what you feel you would bring to the staff.

Pending Application from Fae~o~the~Wind

Application Status: Pending
1.) B. I'd like to apply to have my Charredleaf be promoted to deputy. She herself would be much startled and at first, very reluctant to take on such a role; this stubborn tortie finds thinking before acting to be quite tiresome, and impatience always lurks beneath her mottled pelt.

But I am of the opinion that she'd make a great, if unconventional, RiverClan deputy, and, - possibly - even a good leader. She's learned some self-restraint in her moons as a warrior. Compare her rash actions in "A River Has Two Shores (14th of IW (2008)" to her (more) disciplined ones in the recent "I'm not touching you" at Trespass Point, 12 FG 09. She displayed what could be considered leadership qualities in the unexpected skirmish, "In My Sights (6 FF), between two Cabal "intruders", Caligula and Mintaka. While her bossiness (such as over Ambergaze) can be seen as unnecessarily inflammatory, she knows enough by now that "ya got to git business done". She was willing to let the intruding Caligula explain himself before attacking, and only attacked after Amberstorm did because she didn't want him to be alone in the skirmish.

Physically, she's in her prime, and she has a strong sense of morality that's centered solidly on the warrior code.

Her fiery temper endears her to me, particularly as she reminds me somewhat of a fierce-blooded ThunderClan cat, and of defiant WC Dawnstar. Again, this would make an interesting change for RiverClan's reputation. She'd be far from perfect, but like any real, flawed character, Charredleaf would learn as she goes.

As to how she'd become deputy . . . I'm partial to something similar happening to Fernheart like it did Lilywhisker; I like Ferny, and would love to see her adopted someday. She has so much potential. Plus, it would be a lot easier for Charredleaf to go into this new duty with the mindset that says "Hey, even if I mess up, there's still Cinderstar and Fernheart to help out". Perhaps Fernheart could be hurt by some predator, or experience a bout of illness, or even tussle with some predator by the riverbank and swallow lots of water... the possibilities are virtually endless.

2.) Charredleaf shouldered her way brusquely into the argument.

StarClan's sakes, Robinbright! she thought with irritation, but she didn't speak her displeasure. The scowl on her broad face said it all.

The broad-shouldered deputy wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible, without any embellishes. That would just waste time, and she didn't want to make a scene in camp. Though rock-skull Robinbright was already making one.

"That's enough, Robinbright," Charredleaf ordered, the second word as low and harsh as saw-grass. Her short tail lashed angrily as she nudged the cowering apprentice aside from her mentor, who was obviously losing his temper.

"She's an apprentice. Remember that you're bigger and older than her," she mewed as drily as she knew how. "There's no need to treat her like an invading ThunderClanner."

Orange eyes turned softened somewhat as they turned towards Goldpaw. "Goldpaw," she mewed in a gentler voice, trying to catch her eyes. "Your mentor's right; elders always eat before warriors do. It's how we show respect to them who've served the Clan."

Charredleaf's tone turned brisk. "Right. Robinbright, I expect you to assign Goldpaw duties so that she can serve the elders as a way of apologizing. Perhaps helping Heronflight or Hailpaw with getting rid of ticks?" Inwardly, the deputy felt a flash of amusement. Gathering mouse dung was never fun.

"Goldpaw, I expect you to remember next time. Elders and kits eat first." Charredleaf sighed, then leaned in a bit towards the mentor, lowering her voice meaningfully.

"And Robinbright--- next time, try not to loose your temper on somecat in your care, unless there's a fire or fox endangering lives."

3.) Charredleaf's gut instinct was to bolt, snarling, after the flea-bitten mongrels, but her sense of duty restrained her. Cursing rogues under her breath, she then barked out behind her as if to team mates, "Rogues! I need back up here---" even as she began to tear after the scent of the murderers. The tortoiseshell snapped as viciously as she knew how:

"Murder! Murder along the border, scent trails southward! Patrols, to me!"

Even if no-cat was within earshot, the rouges were, and they should know better than to do battle with an enraged, bloodthirsty Charredleaf.

4.) "Any-cat wanna tussle with their favorite she-cat named Charredleaf?" The RiverClanner asked hopefully as she trotted near the nursery. "We could tussle, and do battle moves, 'n more." Charredleaf's thick tail swished playfully as she bounced lightly from one paw to the next. If she hadn't had to look dignified, she'd be yowling "Play with Me NOW!" at the top of her lungs for all the camp to hear.
5.) I am an experienced member of this staff with insight and succor aplenty for those who need it. While my time online is limited, I have improved at the skill of squeezing more creativity and bursts of imagination into my activity here at CoSC.