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Medicine Cat Apprentice - [OPEN]
Leader - [OPEN]
Deputy - [OPEN]


Deputy - [OPEN]
Medicine Cat Apprentice - [CLOSED]
Leader - [CLOSED]
Medicine Cat Apprentice - [CLOSED]


Leader - [OPEN]
Medicine Cat - [CLOSED]
Deputy - [CLOSED]
Medicine Cat Apprentice - [CLOSED]


Deputy - [OPEN]
Medicine Cat Apprentice - [CLOSED]
Medicine Cat - [CLOSED]
Leader - [CLOSED]

Caligula's Cabal

General - [CLOSED]
Caesar - [CLOSED]
Luminary - [CLOSED]
Heir - [CLOSED]

Cats of Camelot

Crowned Consort - [CLOSED]
Queen - [CLOSED]
King - [CLOSED]
Crowned Heir - [CLOSED]

Rank Application for ThunderClan Medicine Cat

This application opened on 18 November 2013 and is currently Open

Accepting this rank will result in a place on the staff, along with the assorted responsibilities that come with it. Submitting this application represents an offer to adopt Sparrowsong. If you want to try for the MCA, proceed to that application.

Application Instructions

To apply for the rank click "Edit with Form" and then 'Add another' in the box labled Apply.
You should then fill out the form that comes up in the box and save the page.

If you wish to make an offer In Trust for the point when you will have been active with the game for a month, please include the following: "I am submitting this application in trust. My first character was approved XXX" in which the "XXX" is replaced with the date of your first RP post with your first character. Do not select "in trust" from the status menu. A staff member will do so if the application is accepted, pending your being active at the end if your first RPing month.

1.) Essay Question

Answer the following question. Please do not skip any parts that are requested, but feel free to add things you think are applicable to your qualifications.

A.) Please spend (at least) a paragraph describing why you feel you are suited to play this character.
B.) If you are not yet a member of the CoSC, please spend (at least) a paragraph describing why you feel you should be admitted to the CoSC Staff.
2.) Role Play Situation

Reply in-character to the following post.

Daisypaw had been ignoring the itching she'd been feeling, but now one her denmates was complaining of the same, and she'd started getting little red spots. And her mentor had noticed and chewed her ears off for not telling the Medicine Cat and letting things get this bad. He'd demanded that the little orange furred cat go to the Medicine Cat. She dutifully told the Medicine Cat about what was wrong, not wanting another ear-chewing from her mentor. "I've been itching for awhile, but now there are little spots that are very itchy. Coldbreeze said I should see the Medicine Cat about it."
3.) Role Play Situation

Reply in-character to the following post.

The two apprentices snarled at each other in anger, the fur on their necks raised and their tails fluffed up like bottle brushes. As they circled, they spat insults back and forth. "Unreasonable mousebrained fool!" the gray tabby tom called Shadowpaw hissed. "I don't understand why you just won't leave me alone!"
"You're the one who got us in trouble!" The speaker spitting this insult was the long-haired half brother of Shadowpaw known as Greypaw. The two were born to different Queens around the same time, but both by the same tom, named Fogpelt. This had led to the two kits echoing their individual mother's competitive pushes for their kit to outperform the other. "Leafclaw was hunting with BOTH of us. It's because of your incompetence that we have to tend the Elders' ticks!"
4.) Role Play Situation

Create an in-character post that would be used to begin a roleplaying thread.

5.) Essay Question

Please answer the following question, using as much space as you require to answer completely.

Describe what you have in mind for the future development of this character, and include ideas for future plots for ThunderClan and the game as a whole (including those that may not involve your character).

Currently there are no applications submitted for this rank.