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Medicine Cat - [OPEN]
Leader - [OPEN]
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Deputy - [OPEN]
Medicine Cat Apprentice - [CLOSED]
Leader - [CLOSED]
Medicine Cat Apprentice - [CLOSED]


Leader - [OPEN]
Medicine Cat - [CLOSED]
Deputy - [CLOSED]
Medicine Cat Apprentice - [CLOSED]


Deputy - [OPEN]
Medicine Cat Apprentice - [CLOSED]
Medicine Cat - [CLOSED]
Leader - [CLOSED]

Caligula's Cabal

General - [CLOSED]
Caesar - [CLOSED]
Luminary - [CLOSED]
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Cats of Camelot

Crowned Consort - [CLOSED]
Queen - [CLOSED]
King - [CLOSED]
Crowned Heir - [CLOSED]

Rank Application for ThunderClan Medicine Cat Apprentice

This application opened on 22 January 2013 and is currently Open

This application type must be established in question number 1.

If Sparrowsong is still not played, a player NPC her will be found.

Application Instructions

To apply for the rank click "Edit with Form" and then 'Add another' in the box labled Apply.
You should then fill out the form that comes up in the box and save the page.

If you wish to make an offer In Trust for the point when you will have been active with the game for a month, please include the following: "I am submitting this application in trust. My first character was approved XXX" in which the "XXX" is replaced with the date of your first RP post with your first character. Do not select "in trust" from the status menu. A staff member will do so if the application is accepted, pending your being active at the end if your first RPing month.

1.) Essay Question

Select one of the following options and answer in accordance with the type of application you wish to put forth. The earlier a letter is in the alphabet the more preferential the treatment that application will receive.

A.) Application as existing PC Kit or Apprentice - Discuss and provide evidence that supports your character's suitability to selection as a Medicine Cat's Apprentice.
B.) Application as a newly created Kit or Apprentice - Briefly discuss the character you wish to create, including why that character would be suitable as a Medicine Cat's Apprentice.
2.) Role Play Situation

Respond to the following post In Character as if with the character you would adopt or create.

Sparrowsong carried dropped a bundle of herbs she was carrying in front of her young apprentice. "How would you use these to treat a burn?" She waited, attentive, for the answer. Laying at her paws was the pungent burdock plant, in entirety. Leaves, roots and seeds all in tact.
3.) Role Play Situation

Respond to the following post In Character as if with the character you would adopt or create. Please assume Sparrowsong is out of camp for this situation and that your character is about 4 moons into training.

Robintail limped slowly into camp, his right foreleg dripping blood, and hanging at a strange angle. He whimpered slightly with each step, moving slowly towards the Medicine Cat's Den. "Sparrowsong?" His voice was weak, and he was clearly exhausted from the long journey. So exhausted that he collapsed as his three good legs gave out. When examined, it would be revealed that, in addition to the flesh around his paw being torn in an circle all the way around and scraped and cut in many places, one of the two long legbones had been broken. An experienced Medicine Cat would know it instantly: The work of one of the human's Silver Jaws, deadly things they left to hunt for them, that grabbed in the limbs of animals not careful enough. Robintail was a rare case where one managed to wrestle their leg free and flee from the cold creature without tearing it off completely.
4.) Role Play Situation

Create an in-character post that would be used to begin a roleplaying thread.

5.) Essay Question

Select the option that applies to you and answer.

A.) Current member of the Staff: Do you feel you are currently fulfilling your already existing responsibilities?
B.) You are not a part of the Staff: Why do you feel that you, the player, is qualified to join the CoSC Staff? Include information about what you feel you would bring to the staff.

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Currently there are no applications submitted for this rank.