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Children of StarClan

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From Children of StarClan

We welcome you to look around and see what we're about before you join. If you do wish to join you simply need to Create an Account and begin the process of Creating a Character.

Children of StarClan: Champions of the Forest is a Play-By-Post Role Playing Game set in Erin Hunter's Warriors universe and geared towards the more mature roleplayer. CoSC accepts players of most writing levels (we expect basic writing skills and the ability to manage 2-3 sentence minimum posts) and any level of roleplay skill above beginner (CoSC is not geared or equipped to properly teach fundamental beginning roleplay skills, we expect you to come with them).

CoSC players are free to create a Clan cat, kittypet, or loner in a world where the kittypet once known as Rusty never set foot. Here, the happenings of the books don't exist and the forest itself is a harsher place with a more visceral, tribal vibe. This revised Warriors universe is one in which actions against the code and clan have consequences and modern human morals don't play into the choices the cats make.

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Long Sun '09 ended on 31 May 2017.
Lion's Glory '09 began on 1 June 2017 and will end on 31 August 2017.
Unnamed Blue Moon of '09 will begin on 1 September 2017


Previous: Long Sun (RL: 1 APR '16)
Next: Lion's Glory (RL: TBD)


Current: Long Sun (RL: 7 MAR '16) [THREAD]
Next: Lion's Glory (RL: TBA)


General: Lights, Camera, Action!; WC, 1FG09
Ceremony: Hear the Lion Roar; RC, 5FG09
Incident: I'm not touching you; TC, RC, WC, SC 12FG09
Court: May Day!; CoC 20FG09
General: There are Worlds in Her Eyes---Can You Say the Same?; CC, 11RP09
PGCMs: Thunder, River, Wind, Shadow; 14RP09
Plot: On No King's Land; CoC, CC 23RP09
General: The Stars Above; TC, 26RP09

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The Clans grow strong again now that Green-leaf has dawned on the forest. The deaths from cough appear to be a thing of the past, leaving all of the clans in peace. Full bellies have improved moods and the cats only come to blows over the standard issues that have always plagued the clans.


Green-leaf has lightened ThunderClan's burdens. Lingering traces of the Cough, however, are reminders of the bitter Leaf-bare; Rivertail and Honeyflower are Blackcough casualties of the Moon of First Fishing ('08). But as the recovery of Eagleflight proves, the clan's health as a whole is recovering. The nursery and apprentice den are currently empty, now that Squallstrike and Batswift have earned their warrior names. The warmth and full bellies this Green-leaf season brings are cause for rejoicing.

Leader: Fiercestar , [Apply]
Deputy: Hopestorm, [Apply]

Med. Cat: Sparrowsong, [Apply]
MC's App.: Unfilled [Apply]


With sickness behind them, RiverClan has recovered from the tough Leaf-bare. New-Leaf has arrived and with it, Lionpaw has earned his warrior name, Lionfrost. Despite the fine weather and full bellies, the threat of the strange wild cats loom over the heads of some warriors. Amberstorm and Charredleaf were attacked by a massive, mysterious silver tomcat named "Caesar" whose appearance can only lead to trouble.

Leader: Cinderstar,
Deputy: Fernheart, [Apply]

Med. Cat: Heronflight,
MC's App.: Hailpaw ,


ShadowClan lost cats to illness as newleaf began and Lilywhisker has stepped down as deputy after being severely injured. Aspenbright has been appointed to replace her, and Elmstar expects the Clan to do well this season. Prey runs well in their territory and new relationships are blooming.

Leader: Elmstar,
Deputy: Aspenbright ,[Apply]

Med. Cat: Ravenblink,
MC's App.: Unfilled


With the fall of Dovesong the cough seems to have left the clan in peace. With the hard Leaf-bare passed and New-leaf finally in full bloom, the clan prepares for the heat of Green-leaf and the chill of Leaf-fall that looms behind it in warning of winter. After much hardship, the ordinary nature of the times that have dawned come as a relief.

Leader: Dawnstar, [Apply]
Deputy: Rowanbough,

Med. Cat: Brightsky,
MC's App.: Cedarpaw ,


Summer has dawned and is treating the cats who live in Whitehart well. The Court of the Cats of Camelot the Empire of Caesar Caligula prepare for the fateful day the two monarchs have agreed to meet one another. And all this while both tend to the day-to-day affairs of their respective domains.


The session of court held for May has been an exciting endeavor, indeed! First the wild-scented stranger without a tail arrives. Then she rises to speak! When recognized she brings the words of a foreign Emperor for another kingdom beyond the borders of Camelot, the rulers of which would like to Treat with King Pendragon. Pen agrees, then drops a bombshell of his own and offers the Paw of his daughter to Lord Aslan in betrothal. This was also met with agreement.

King: Pendragon,
Queen: Valiant,

Crowned Heir: Arthur,
Heir's Consort: Unfilled


Suffering zero casualties to the harsh winter, Caligula has regained the Cabal to full strength. His daughter, Andromeda has been appointed to train under Zane, the newly appointed General, where she will learn the art of war. The small Mintaka has also seen a graduation to Centurion status, where ranks remain strong and unbending as the moon rolls by and plans thicken in the forest.

Caesar: Caligula,
General: Zane,

Heir: Unfilled
Luminary: Unfilled

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