Write a Descriptive Essay about Spring for Students

What can be harder than creating a descriptive essay about something very abstract and general? Well, it is indeed hard but not impossible. You can go about it in a number of different approaches, from telling your personal memories about a particular spring, to using one of the two methods described in this article. Remember, there is much freedom in these types of essays, so you can proceed as you would like, especially if your professor does not specify any particular requirements. However, here are two approaches that will make your essay stand out. Here are some other ways to consider (or just visit wedoessay.com to ask for professional help).

Five Senses Approach

Also known as the approach of full immersion, the five senses approach lets your reader feel what you feel by enticing all of his or her five senses. This is a great method to use in your descriptions, as it will really bring out the characteristics of your subject. Let us focus on spring and how can you describe it using this technique.

Nature’s Awakening

What is the color most closely associated with spring? Green, exactly. If we appeal to the visual senses, we must think about touching upon the green leaves, the green grass that comes out after a long and tiring winter. Spring is the season when everything reawakens and mother nature brings blossoming flowers and new life. Describe the warm sunlight of an early spring morning, the green fields, the flowers in the parks.

Birds Singing

As for the audio element, there is nothing quite like birds singing in the morning to signify the coming of spring. They are all coming back from a long winter migration, and now are happy that the sunlight is back and warming up their trees and fields. If you would like to stop talking about nature, you can also write about the songs connected to youth, love, romance, that are so popular in spring, when young people feel that love is in the air.

Easter Treats

As for the taste, spring probably tastes like the delicious Easter treats that children get! Describe what were the treats that you received as a child, and what your family traditionally ate at Easter. It may come as a surprise to you, that there are a lot of different traditions that deal with Easter food, so, if you research the different kinds of food, your essay will also have an educational element in it.


You can also describe something unpleasant, why not? If you do not like spring because of the allergies, you can touch upon it in your “smell” section of the essay. A lot of smells bring out different allergies. People usually have to take anti-allergy pills or avoid going out in flowery fields if they do not want to get a runny nose and puffy eyes.

Warm Feelings

As for the feeling aspect, you can describe the softness and warmth of a spring day after a long and cold winter, and your grateful feelings towards it. It is also nice to the touch to have some new clothes and put away the big coats in the wardrobe, taking out some light cotton shirts and trousers.

General Approach

If you would like to try a more general approach, then you need to think about your associations with spring.

Youth and Love

Usually spring is associated with nature waking all around us and bringing young people together. Love is in the air, and if you feel it too in the spring, you can describe in great detail how you are full of love towards your partner or just nature or the world in general. Spring is associated with youth and the first beginnings in a new rebirth cycle, so you may touch upon the associations with spring that ancient people had.


Some do not like spring at all, as most exams are held during this season. It is all about writing your essays, composing a research project and so on. If you feel like this towards spring, you are free to describe it in your essay, as it is important to be honest. You can describe the stress that students feel, joined by the inability to enjoy nature as everyone has to study very hard to pass their exams.

A New Start

Spring is associated with new beginnings. It is time to put away your old warm clothes, and make a general cleaning of the house. Everything will look shiny and new after you have tidied up, and this will give you motivation to start on new projects. A lot of people decide to make spring time resolutions, to visit the gym, to start jogging and so on.

Spring Break and Easter Holidays

For some, spring is about relaxing in the nature, going hiking and visiting the local sightseeing spots during spring breaks. If you have some memories about a camping trip or some time when you spent your spring break fishing with your father, you can include it in your essay too. A lot of people also look forward to Easter, as it carries a deep religious meaning for them, and if it does for you too, you are free to describe them.

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