Positive parenting: top 10 tips

Expert has made a top 10 of tips that help you with positive upbringing. With these tips you can get started!

Tip 1

If your child wants to show you something, stop what you are doing. And pay attention to your child. Show clearly and notice that you are listening. This way you give focused attention to your child.

Tip 2

Give your child a cuddly toy or a pat on his / her ball regularly. Most children like to be touched and cuddled. That reinforces your bond.

Tip 3

Talk to your child about things that your child finds interesting. Also tell about what you experienced yourself that day.

Tip 4

Praise your child regularly and give a compliment. Say exactly what you think is right. For example: ‘Thank you for listening to me right away’. Your child will then behave that way more often.

Tip 5

Take care of activities that your child likes to do at home so that your child does not get bored easily. Think of: clay, coloring pages, blocks, board games, computers, footballs, outdoor toys, and so on. Choose what suits the age.

Tip 6

Teach your child new things by first doing it yourself. For example, in a nice way to deal with each other (“say” please “or” thank you “). Then encourage your child to try it yourself. Give a compliment if it succeeds.

Tip 7

Set clear ground rules so that your child knows how to behave. Sit down and discuss with your child about children education plan and what the house rules can be for this. When your child gets older, he / she can talk more and more. You can even write down these rules and hang them up in the kitchen, for example. This way you can always refer to it. Also tell us what the consequences are if your child does not follow the rules.

Tip 8

If your child is annoying, stay calm and tell your child to stop. Then tell us how he / she should behave: ‘stop fighting; nice to play with each other ‘.Give a compliment if your child listens. Tell us what the consequences are if your child does not follow the rules. If your child does not listen, you have to intervene.

Tip 9

Stay realistic. You may expect reasonable behavior from a child, but do not expect your child to be perfect.

Tip 10

Take care of yourself! If you feel good, it is easier to follow your child and to make time to do something together.


You must not ignore the importance of legal marketing

Many professionals are afraid to start investing in legal
marketing because of the restrictions of the Code of Ethics. But the truth is
that marketing for lawyers does not have to be so difficult or break any
regulations, of course. If you want to know more about customer loyalty,
download any customer enchantment guide and find out how to optimize your
office routines and devote yourself to incredible customer service. For a
trusted lawyer, good customer service is very essential.

Nowadays, the internet greatly facilitates the approach of
clients and brings innumerable marketing tools that can be quite useful.

Do not cultivate good

Smart is the one who asks for help at the right time. So do
not make the mistake of thinking that you need to do everything yourself.
Having a good relationship with colleagues in the profession and having the
help of mentors in challenging situations is very important for your
professional development. Partner with professionals from different areas and
change directions. Invest in networking with the legal help from the James Lyle attorney and take advantage of
your existing networking to develop new business.

Assembling a physical
office without being prepared

Opening a law firm can require lots of expenses and
sometimes the early career professional does not have as many clients to
account for bearing all those expenses. So setting up a physical office at the
wrong time can be a mistake and frustrating the lawyer who has invested his
time, money and effort into the business.

professional presentation

Finally, you list a beginner lawyer error that may seem
small, but it strongly impacts the professional image: carelessness with your
personal presentation. For a lawyer who wants to impress potential clients and
colleagues, it is essential to know how to dress appropriately and behave in a
manner compatible with different environments.

In addition to looking after your own looks, you need to
watch over your legal brand image: keep your law firm organized, invest in a
good lawyer website, and build a personal marketing that is consistent. All
this contributes to the strengthening of its professional image.


After so many years of study, the beginning lawyer wants to
soon go to legal practice, right? But be calm and plan yourself not to start
your career by passing an unprofessional image. Also, study your options calmly
and always assess the value of your decisions in your future. Gaining a cause
in justice does not depend on the lawyer. To win a case, you need to hire a
good lawyer. And finding a good lawyer cannot and does not even have to be an
impossible task.

Write a Descriptive Essay about Spring for Students

What can be harder than creating a descriptive essay about something very abstract and general? Well, it is indeed hard but not impossible. You can go about it in a number of different approaches, from telling your personal memories about a particular spring, to using one of the two methods described in this article. Remember, there is much freedom in these types of essays, so you can proceed as you would like, especially if your professor does not specify any particular requirements. However, here are two approaches that will make your essay stand out. Here are some other ways to consider (or just visit wedoessay.com to ask for professional help).

Five Senses Approach

Also known as the approach of full immersion, the five senses approach lets your reader feel what you feel by enticing all of his or her five senses. This is a great method to use in your descriptions, as it will really bring out the characteristics of your subject. Let us focus on spring and how can you describe it using this technique.

Nature’s Awakening

What is the color most closely associated with spring? Green, exactly. If we appeal to the visual senses, we must think about touching upon the green leaves, the green grass that comes out after a long and tiring winter. Spring is the season when everything reawakens and mother nature brings blossoming flowers and new life. Describe the warm sunlight of an early spring morning, the green fields, the flowers in the parks.

Birds Singing

As for the audio element, there is nothing quite like birds singing in the morning to signify the coming of spring. They are all coming back from a long winter migration, and now are happy that the sunlight is back and warming up their trees and fields. If you would like to stop talking about nature, you can also write about the songs connected to youth, love, romance, that are so popular in spring, when young people feel that love is in the air.

Easter Treats

As for the taste, spring probably tastes like the delicious Easter treats that children get! Describe what were the treats that you received as a child, and what your family traditionally ate at Easter. It may come as a surprise to you, that there are a lot of different traditions that deal with Easter food, so, if you research the different kinds of food, your essay will also have an educational element in it.


You can also describe something unpleasant, why not? If you do not like spring because of the allergies, you can touch upon it in your “smell” section of the essay. A lot of smells bring out different allergies. People usually have to take anti-allergy pills or avoid going out in flowery fields if they do not want to get a runny nose and puffy eyes.

Warm Feelings

As for the feeling aspect, you can describe the softness and warmth of a spring day after a long and cold winter, and your grateful feelings towards it. It is also nice to the touch to have some new clothes and put away the big coats in the wardrobe, taking out some light cotton shirts and trousers.

General Approach

If you would like to try a more general approach, then you need to think about your associations with spring.

Youth and Love

Usually spring is associated with nature waking all around us and bringing young people together. Love is in the air, and if you feel it too in the spring, you can describe in great detail how you are full of love towards your partner or just nature or the world in general. Spring is associated with youth and the first beginnings in a new rebirth cycle, so you may touch upon the associations with spring that ancient people had.


Some do not like spring at all, as most exams are held during this season. It is all about writing your essays, composing a research project and so on. If you feel like this towards spring, you are free to describe it in your essay, as it is important to be honest. You can describe the stress that students feel, joined by the inability to enjoy nature as everyone has to study very hard to pass their exams.

A New Start

Spring is associated with new beginnings. It is time to put away your old warm clothes, and make a general cleaning of the house. Everything will look shiny and new after you have tidied up, and this will give you motivation to start on new projects. A lot of people decide to make spring time resolutions, to visit the gym, to start jogging and so on.

Spring Break and Easter Holidays

For some, spring is about relaxing in the nature, going hiking and visiting the local sightseeing spots during spring breaks. If you have some memories about a camping trip or some time when you spent your spring break fishing with your father, you can include it in your essay too. A lot of people also look forward to Easter, as it carries a deep religious meaning for them, and if it does for you too, you are free to describe them.

Women Sailing Convention Date Declared

The Sailing Convention for Women is the event hosted by Gail
Hine is scheduled to take place on February 2, 2019. It will take place at the Yacht Club Bahia
in Corona del Mar,
California. This will be a day-long event and only for ladies. It will be the
series of shore-and-boat-based workshops that will offer a pleasant and
welcoming atmosphere to sailing fresher’s and experts to learn more about
topics related to sailing.

“This women
will provide an opportunity to women to get vis-à-vis with
other women who are sailors and discuss various options for day sailing and
more cruising. It will also give them the opportunity to know more about the
sailing organizations for women present in their area and various instructional
programs designed for them,” said Gail Hine who is the creator and director of
this Convention. She said, “In this event, there is something good and
meaningful for every woman sailor.”

Those who will attend the convention will select the
workshops combination in areas that are going to fit the best in their ability
and interest. The instructors of this course would be the top women sailors who
will come from Southern California and from outside California also. Many
instructors are the USCG Licensed Captains as well. The workshop will comprise
of Beginners welcome aboard, about Diesels, Docking, Going Up the Mast,
Weather, Suddenly Single Handed, Sail Trim, Electronic Navigation, Basic
Navigation, Electrical Systems, How to Heave a Line, DIY Canvas Projects,
Nighttime Navigation, Spinnaker Rigging, Winch Workshop, Offshore Cruising,
sailing introduction and Life Raft Demo & Emergency Equipment.

The featured speaker of the convocation will be Melody
. She is a sailor and has the sailing experience of 40
years. She began sailing on small boats in the Midwest. Now she is in
California on the ship C&C40 Harmony.

Day -3, 2018 West Marine J/70 World Cup At Eastern Yacht Club

There were tensions on the third day of the West Marine J / 70 World Cup. Total 15 teams fell in pieces of the Black Flag at the time of three races that took place. The flatter seas and a shifting wind in the northeast direction gave another day to the all 91 teams that participated in the event to run for the J / 70 World Cup. Eight of the maximum 14 races have now been sailed, and challenges to the championship are now underway.

It was a high and low day for Peter Duncan (more used to yachting in England) racing Relative Obscurity. The defending J / 70 World Champion did the race in Race 6, scoring their first ball of the regatta, but was disqualified in Race 7 to be the OCS with Black Flag flying. In the race 8, the Duncan’s team scored a fourth position to finish the day at the top of the ranking, on Countback from Jud Smith (USA). “For the Black Flag team, it was close, but we were very visible as the first boat on the pins,” commented Victor Diaz de Leon to the fusionboats, calling the start of Relative Obscurity.

“From my side, It was immature and maybe lacking experience, I want to let my guys down because I say when to pull the trigger. Peter and the team understood me 100%, but it was a low point. We had to wait over an hour before we got into the next race and we were hungry. In the last race, we had a mediocre start and fought back and ended up having a good run. We are very glad that we are leading regatta but we have the biggest drop in the top boats. As I see it, they are the top six all levels and whoever sail the best, for now, will be the winner. ”

Jose Maria Torcida (ESP) led the regatta at the start of the day, but a 7-43-31 kills the Spanish team to third. Bruno Pasquinelli (USA) racing Stampede is fourth in fourth place only four points from the lead. Jack Franco Racing 3 Ball JT scored a ball today to move up to fifth. Brian Keane (USA) Racing Savasana falls to sixth after an 18-17-26. Congratulations also go to Gannon Troutman (USA) racing Pied Piper who won the last race of the day.

National Sailing Championship By Navarre Beach

There would be a 5 day national regatta ready to sail for the first time at Navarre Beach. The Hobie 16 North American Championships would make use of Santa Rosa Sound starting from Monday to Friday to assess the national champion for 2018. The regatta is a competition of 16 foot catamarans which is a kind of boat designed by the Hobie Cat Corporation.

Hobie is a Southern California based company manufacturing distinct types of watercraft from 1950. With the Hobie 16, there would be over 60 teams taking part in the race, which is a weeklong one to determine the final winner.

Krista Vind, a resident of Santa Rosa Beach and also the race organizing volunteer said teams from across the US which includes Washington, New York and California and Mexico and Puerto Rico will take part. The location of the regatta is changed every year, along with some which repeats. The event, held three years ago was at Pensacola Yacht Club. As far as the Navarre Beach is concerned, it is hosting the event for the first time post a bid handed over by a representative.

As per Vind, there are a whole lot of considerations made in terms of the type of sailing, lake or an ocean, as well as whether to open a youth category. People sail in Navarre Beach always and they know the regatta supports numerous boats.

Although there are many features, the prominent one is the Special Olympics, which is like a mini regatta. The mini regatta will take place on Wednesday at around 11 30 am. The event is mainly organized for the benefit of the sailing team of Special Olympics for Santa Rosa and Escambia counties. The sailing competition will definitely be an interesting one and a week filled with a whole lot of fun, excitement and curiosity. The winner will be determined post completion of races after a week.

2018 Blind Match Racing World Championship

The Blind Match Racing Championship was organized for the first time by the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club in the UK. The winner of the championship was Sharon Grennan from Britain who is totally blind. She was accompanied by her crew members Lucy Hodges and Liam Cattermole who are visually impaired. Sharon’s GBR1 team was not defeated in any of the 13 races. The event was attended by HRH the Princess Royal who was a part of the semi final event to watch the race and interacted with race officials, competitors, sponsors and event organizers.

Sharon said it was her first medal in gold segment and it’s a great feeling. She, along with her team had an excellent time racing against different teams from the USA, Canada and Australia. The entire team put in hard efforts to prepare for the world championship, including a training camp in Zadar. They worked more on communication and teamwork on the boat and the roles were divided. The team also underwent training on how to sail in distinct weather conditions which made them perform so brilliantly. It was undoubtedly the best feeling for the winner besides the team got a chance to meet sailors across the world. Sharon said that she was highly competitive on the water and off the water; she got to learn a lot from others.

Laura Cammidge won the silver medal and said it had been a great week of racing. The team learned to sail in variable weather. Although they didn’t get the outcome they aimed for, they did push themselves as hard as they could. The team was indeed happy with the silver medal and sailing the entire week was a great experience by itself. Walter T Rainer won Bronze in the Petit Final. Walter said it was a good trip to Scotland with a Bronze medal. It was a team effort which made these winners achieve medals.

The Preview Of Bowdoin Sailing Opens Season

The Head Coach is Frank Pizzo

  • Rosteris 2018
  • Scheduleis 2018

Recap of 2017-18

The team of Polar Bears had another fine season; however, they missed out the chance to have their boat at the nationals for the first time after 2013. At the Callagy Ross Trophy, Bowdoin finished at the first place Harpswell Sound Team and the Fall Foliage Regatta raced in 2017-18.

The preview of 2018

Frank Pizzo, Head Coach has the reason to get excited about Polar Bears returning to nationals in this season and all thanks goes to the solid group of returning performers.  2018 All-NEISA skipper Matt Kaplan and 2017 All-NEISA crew Louisa Lindgren look to play a big role once again for the Polar Bears.   Matt Safford, Alden Grimes and Christian Filter will be the major players on the co-ed side with Kelsey Slack and Claire Havig the leading women’s younger and talented team. This is one of the most awaited performances in this season.

Schedule of 2018

Bowdoin started this season with four regattas. The four regattas were performed all across the region at different places. The highlighted events fall for the Polar Bears and these included two home regattas: the Urn Trophy and the Barnett Trophy. The the Schell Trophy and Match Race Championships are the other big events in addition to all four National Showcase Regattas.

Follow the more details online

If you want more information about the Bowdoin sailing team performance in all season, then follow the official website of Bowdoin Athletics.

How to Adapt to a Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism, asyou already know, is a great lifestyle.It allows you to live a happy and simple life, valuing those things that go unnoticed by most people.Sometimes you focus so much on banal or meaningless things that propaganda tells us that we end up believing that certain well-marketed products provide happiness.

Sometimes, we get to the point where we do not have control over what we buy, what we do and what we think, and this is mainly because we are maximalists.

Maximalist in contrast, focus on acquiring as many things as possible, filling the computer with as many songs as possible (some that we will never hear in our lives), having a bookshelf full of books to give an appearance that we are intellectuals and in keeping our drawers full of unnecessary elements.

Minimalism, free you all those things and gives you a break so you can live better and so that your success is achieved with focus and concentration, minimizing those issues (physical and mental) that can distract you on the way.

You can begin to adopt the process of how to become a minimalist and  select only what is necessary and essential to be happy and to be well, both around you and in your interior And this, in the following way:

Value the Simple

Befriend simple things; do not complicate your life.Turn things around you into something simple to understand, to use, to manage, to find, to have.For example, be organized and organized with your things, that each object occupies the rightful place. If you are going to see a pen, there is only one place to see it and do not waste time without knowing where it is.

Do not turn everything around you so complicated, so sophisticated and amazing that it becomes a maximalist. Be clear about everything, even in your interior.

Sort Everything Unnecessary and Discard it

Look at your room, your office, your house, your car, your closet, your drawers. Start to review each of those things that are part of you, that belongs to you or that you continuously inhabit and classify objectively what is left over.

It is unnecessary one of the two scissors that you have in your drawer, waiting for one to be damaged to use the spare. It is superfluous to plant in the corridor of your house, which only obstructs the passage through which you could walk. It is unnecessary the portrait of your cousins ​​on the wall of your room, which you have as friends in your social networks and speak to them when you please.Stop thinking so emotionally about the things around you, and get rid of what is not good for you, keep what you need around you.

Islam Slimani joins Fenerbahce on a season-long loan

Algeria international Islam Slimani has joined Fenerbahce on a season-long loan from Leicester City. The 30-year-old has struggled to meet the demands of the Foxes over the past two seasons and he has now been offered a fresh opportunity to revive his career in the Turkish Super League. Shortly after joining Fenerbahce, Slimani told northerntouchsoccer.com: “Happy to start a new adventure with this great club Fenerbahce for whom I will give everything on the field. Thanks to my agents for this new challenge and especially, a great thanks to the fans for a magnificent welcome.”

Apart of Slimani, Leicester have also parted ways with Leonardo Ulloa, who has been allowed to join Mexican side Pachuca on a permanent basis. With their departures, Claude Puel’s have just two strikers in the form of Jamie Vardy and Kelechi Iheanacho and Shinji Okazaki could be the player called up from the bench to perform the back-up duties.

The east Midlands outfit have been losing members of their Premier League winning squad over the past couple of years and Riyad Mahrez was the latest to jump the ship this summer after joining Manchester City on a club-record move. Aside from Mahrez, Harry Maguire was also tipped to secure a big-club deal with Manchester United interested, but ultimately the Foxes made it clear that the centre-back was not for sale.

Leicester began their Premier League campaign with a 2-1 loss at Manchester United but there were plenty of positives from the encounter, given the Foxes managed to command the better possession and have more attempts on goal. The Foxes will now make the trip to the South Coast for the next league outing against Southampton and they should possess better ammunition upfront with Jamie Vardy likely to start after only making the bench at Old Trafford due to fitness concerns.

Better Understanding of the History of Yachting Now

The history of yachts is always there. The fleets participating in the 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2002 races consisted of Clipper 60 yachts (60 feet long about 18 meters long) and from 2005 a new Clipper 68 yacht was introduced, built in China. The Clipper 68 was retired after the 2011-2012 races. In 2013, the Clipper 70 yachts entered the competition, designed by Tony Castro Naval Architects. The 12 Clipper 70 yachts were built by Mazarin Yachts in Qingdao, China, for the 2013-2014 races. The yachts have a length of 23 meters.

The First Race

The first race since 1996 began in Plymouth, UK, and continued with the ports of Fort Lauderdale, Madeira, Galapagos, Panama, Yokohama, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seychelles, Singapore, Cape Town, Durban, the Azoresand Salvador. The Ariel yacht, headed by Ras Turner, was ranked first.

  • In 1998, the competition was won by the yacht of the same name, led by Alex Thompson, the youngest commander who won a race around the world at just 24 years.
  • The 2000 race started in Portsmouth, and the stopover in the Azores was replaced by New York, and to offset the extra distance from the Seychelles to Durban and Cape Town, Mauritius, Cape Town was introduced. The race should have included the Yokohama and Shanghai ports, but a storm at the East of the Gulf of Tokyo in March 2001 caused damage to several boats. Because the time required for repairs exceeded the validity of China’s visas, the race took place from Yokohama to Naha, the capital of the Japanese island of Okinawa. After several changes on the route, the Bristol yacht, led by Bob Beggs, came out victorious. You can make your visit to fusionboats.com for having the best options now.

The latest Option Now

The 2002 edition was the fourth and final circumnavigation for the Clipper 60 fleet. The starting point was enthused to Liverpool, where forty thousand spectators arrived to admire the craft despite a twenty four hours delay because of storms in Irish Sea. As in 2000, the attempt to reach Shanghai failed, this time due to the withdrawal of mooring agreements.

  • Moreover, along the way, competitors were threatened by the SARS virus and yachts were forced to find another port near Singapore. The Indonesian island of Batam was the solution for the moment, and the incident determined the state of Singapore to participate with a yacht in the next competition. Jersey Jersey, led by JohnathanBrockhouse, Ed Green and Simon Rowel was the winner of the competition.
  • In 2005, several international yachts sponsored by Victoria, Canada, Qingdao, Durban, New York, Singapore and Western Australia have entered the competition. The 2005 race was the first circumnavigation from East to West. For the 1st time, a segment crossed the Antarctic Ocean between the Durban (South Africa) and Freemantle (Australia) and another via the North Pacific, in between Victoria (Canada) and Qingdao.

The navigation program was affected after Glasgow Clipper reported problems in the South China Sea and deviated from the Gulf of Subic in the Philippines. And the rest of the fleet followed the same course, which led to a six-week interruption. The revised program ruled out stopping in Yokohama and moved off the Caribbean from Curaçao to Jamaica.